Consulting & Coaching

Consulting is available to empower, equip, and transform your children’s ministry into the dynamic, impactful program it was meant to be! Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • leadership development
  • ministry program structure
  • facility assessment
  • volunteer leadership teams
  • outreach
  • safety and security
  • curriculum selection

Coaching sessions can be built around your needs and can be one-on-one or in a group cohort setting.


We want you to know you are not alone in ministry! It’s essential to build connections with others in ministry. At BCM/D we strive to connect ministry leaders, encourage them to share resources, develop partnerships and friendships, and care for one another. Connect Lunches are held throughout the year around the MD/DE area. Find one in your area!
Connect online in the BCM/D Youth & Kids Facebook group:

  • resources
  • articles
  • giveaways
  • ask questions
  • seek advice
  • trade resources

Vacation Bible School

Did you know that Vacation Bible School consistently accounts for 25% of all baptisms annually, according to the ACP (Annual Church Profile –  completed each year by Southern Baptist churches)? VBS is worth it! Whether your VBS is an outreach event, an evangelistic event, or a discipleship event, we’re here to encourage and cheer you on as you plan a VBS that has a lasting impact on those who attend and serve. We also offer resources, training, and personal consultations to support you and your church! Say “YES!” to VBS!

Safety & Security

It is our biblical responsibility to protect and care for those we serve. We do that by building an educated and informed community around children and youth that is fully equipped to prevent, spot and report abuse. We can provide crucial insights into safety and security and can guide you through creating robust abuse prevention systems, including volunteer screening, training resources, policies and procedures, and response plans. It is our desire that every church foster a safe environment where children and youth can grow, learn, and explore their spirituality. Please visit our Pathways page to get started or contact Kris!


There is no shortage of camp opportunities for children and youth within the BCM/D! BCM/D’s Skycroft Conference Center in Middletown, MD hosts a full schedule of camps for children and students!

  • CentriKid (entering 3rd grade – entering 7th grade)
  • Crossings (middle and high school)
  • Reboot (winter Youth Evangelism Conference)

Children and youth can also experience a camp solely dedicated to missions awareness at WMU’s camp facility in Jarrettsville, MD, Camp Wo-Me-To.

Training & Workshops

Schedule a training session or workshop for your church! These sessions can be tailored to what your staff and volunteers need. Topics can include areas such as:

  • volunteer recruitment & management
  • Vacation Bible School
  • children’s ministry essentials
  • safety and security
  • understanding Gen Z & Alpha
  • teaching the Bible to children
  • event planning
  • sharing the gospel with children


Coming soon!

Upcoming Events


Parents Grateful for FBC Berlin’s Disability VBS

Berlin First Baptist Church had a VBS for children affected by disabilities.

Adron Dozat’s BIBLE TIME FUN ISSUE 263

Adron Dozat’s BIBLE TIME FUN is a free resource for various children’s ministries in your church.

Prayer Resource for Upcoming Summer Camps

Adron Dozat has designed prayer cards for summer camp at Skycroft and Camp Wo-Me-To.

Our BCM/D Family May 23

A roundup of Maryland/Delaware news and events.

Adron Dozat’s BIBLE TIME FUN ISSUE 259

Use Adron Dozat’s Bible Time Fun in a variety of way in your children’s ministry, or at home.

Over 500 Attend Baby Shower and Resource Fair at Clinton Baptist Church

Clinton Baptist Church partnered with MedStar of Southern Maryland to host a community baby and resource fair, drawing over 500 individuals.

Adron Dozat’s Bible Time Fun Issue 257

Adron Dozat’s Coloring Pages offer Bible-based coloring activities and games, perfect for your church’s children’s ministries.

Bible Time Fun Issue 256

Adron Dozat’s Coloring Pages offer Bible-based coloring activities and games, perfect for your church’s children’s ministries.

Adron Dozat’s Bible Time Fun Issue 255

Adron Dozat’s Coloring Pages offer Bible-based coloring activities and games, perfect for your church’s children’s ministries.

On Graduate Sunday Consider Looking Forward

As you celebrate the graduates in your church this year, consider looking forward.

Kris Buckman

Youth & Kids Missionary
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 240-674-1388