State Missions Offering

100% of your gifts support evangelism opportunities for local and global mission impact.

Thanks to your prayers and gifts through the BCMD State Missions Offering, we’re able to spread the Gospel, so many lives are forever changed.

State Missions Offering Video

Please share the State Mission Offering video with your congregation.
You may play the video on this page or download the video for offline use.

We are united together to love our neighbors and share Christ in our region.


May we be ever mindful of the generations of leaders who follow us. Today’s teenagers who attend our summer camps are tomorrow’s pastors, missionaries and business leaders.

Missions to Kenya

May our pastors in MD/DE see how they can be a blessing to pastors in another part of the world – Kenya. May they richly share their educational and experience gifts with Kenyan pastors.

Disaster Relief

May the trained disaster relief volunteers who minister in times of crisis be bearers of the Good News the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Special Needs

May our churches grow in their awareness of the estimated 62 million Americans who have a disabling condition, most of whom are not being reached by churches.


What is the Maryland/Delaware State Missions Offering?

  • The annual Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware State Missions Offering sustains ministries not funded through the Cooperative Program
  • A way for you and your church to participate in the Great Commission strategy specifically for this region
  • A way to start more churches and reach more people for Christ
  • A way to change lives and to develop tomorrow’s leaders

What is the statewide challenge goal?


When is the Week of Prayer and Emphasis for the State Missions Offering?

September 12-19, 2021, though many churches choose to observe this celebrated time of prayer throughout the month of September.

How is the offering used to reach Maryland/Delaware?

100% for Missions & Evangelism Ministries/Strategies (Skycroft Conference Center, Disaster Relief, send local missionaries to Kenya, and Special Needs initiatives).

How do I Give?

The Finance Office of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware is happy to help you participate in the Cooperative Program. We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to call 800-466-5290.  You can also give online here.