You make a difference.

You’re one of those people who doesn’t just feel concerned about people who don’t know Jesus — you do something about it.

You pray. You pour your life into people. And you participate in cooperative ministries designed to connect people to Jesus.

Thank you.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® changes lives forever by empowering North American missionaries to bring the gospel to the lost. With over 269 million lost people, North America and its major cities are some of the most spiritually dark places in the world. Join us on the mission to equip every missionary and reach every lost person in the United States and Canada.

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Cooperative Program Ministries

Southern Baptist churches support missions through the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program money your church gives not only supports local initiatives but also supports the International Mission Board, which supports approximately 5,624 missionaries who are engaging 655 people groups, of populations greater than 100,000, around the world; and the North American Mission Board, which supports church planting and evangelism efforts resulting in more than 1,000 new evangelistic churches each year.

The Cooperative Program also supports the six Southern Baptist seminaries, which are training our next generation of leaders; and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which gives a “voice” for Southern Baptists in political arenas. The BCM/D is a cooperative missions and ministry organization made up of more than 500 autonomous Baptist churches in Maryland and Delaware.

A variety of state and worldwide ministries are coordinated through its administrative offices in Columbia, Md., including: disaster relief, ministry training and support, church planting, evangelism, missions and more. Since 1925 Southern Baptists have partnered together to do cooperative missions through the Cooperative Program. For more information, call 800-466-5290 x204.

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Disaster Relief Ministry

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) has been around for 50 years, providing all kinds of disaster relief including hot meals, clean water, child care, laundry, structure repairs, rebuilding and more. With a trained volunteer force exceeding 80,000 people, SBDR fuels the third largest disaster relief agency in the United States.
SBDR has gained national and international recognition for service in crisis situations across the continent. Locally, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware leaders invest significant resources to provide proper training for volunteers and equipment with which to serve.

Previously, BCMD volunteers have responded to flooding (most recently in Ellicott City, Md., and West Virginia) but also in longer term projects in Louisiana and other Southern states; to fires (most recently in Baltimore City); and clean-up after hurricanes and tornados (most recently in Howard County, Md., as well as Southern Maryland). In every scenario, volunteers stand ready to share the hope found in Jesus Christ.

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Local Missions Efforts

By contributing to local missions efforts by the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware you are helping to start and strengthen 500+ churches across Maryland, Delaware and beyond. This helps fund local ministries not covered by other offerings. 100% of these funds are reinvested in churches like yours for local mission impact.

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Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Starting in 1888, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® was established to empower the international missions efforts for Southern Baptists. After more than a century, the annual offering continues its steady growth. The National Goal this year is $155 Million. Your giving enables missionaries to be sent to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God.

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Skycroft Conference Center

Skycroft is located on almost 300 acres atop beautiful South Mountain in Frederick County, Maryland. Owned and operated by the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, the center opened in 1977. Development has continued to accommodate 300+ overnight guests year round.

For more information about Skycroft click here or Skycroft’s website.

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State Missions Offering

The state missions offering of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware is an offering that helps start and strengthen 500+ churches across Maryland, Delaware and beyond. 100% of the funds are reinvested in churches like yours for local and global mission impact. The bottom line is that we are united together to love our neighbors and share Christ in our region.  For more information call 800-466-5290 x226.

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