BCM/D Ready

BCM/D Ready is designed to position the churches in our two-state, eleven-association collective to be able to more effectively respond to natural disasters and community needs.

Current Disaster Relief and BCM/D Ready Training Opportunities

BCM/D Ready helps your church be prepared to respond to the urgent needs in your community.

Three steps to be READY:

1. Prepare

2. Connect

3. Respond

BCM/D Ready Responds to natural disasters and community needs throughout Maryland, Delaware and the world!

Help us reach more people!

“And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.”

Titus 3:14

Steps to Become BCM/D Ready

Step One: Prepare

Cast a Vision

First, pray! Then cast a vision among your church members and call for people within your church to take the next steps to respond. This can be done through a focused sermon or sermon series. Some sermon ideas for this include Luke 10 (The Good Samaritan) and Matthew 9:35-38 (Jesus’ Care, Compassion and Commissions).

Develop an inventory of what you have

What resources has God already placed within your church that can be leveraged for the sake of the community?  

  • What skills, training and experience are people willing to offer?
  • What other resources are available such as facilities, vehicles, tools, equipment, finances, support groups, prayer, opportunities for family fun, etc?
  • What resources are available through community partnerships or BCM/D?
Train for ministry

What kind of training do you need? Disaster Relief? Evangelism? First Aid? How to build community partnerships? How to sponsor a refugee family? How to start a ministry addressing local hunger needs?

BCM/D and Your Local Baptist Association Can Help!

Step Two: Connect

Connect with Your People

How will you:

  • Connect to share your vision?
  • Connect to gather information?
  • Connect to recruit and train?
  • Connect to organize?
  • Connect to notify volunteers when they’re needed to serve?
Connect with Your Community and Partners

Who are they?

  • Your local Baptist association
  • Other churches in the area
  • Faith-based and non-profit organizations in your community
  • Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

How will you monitor needs that arise in your community?

How can you work together to meet urgent needs in your community?

Step Three: Respond

How to Respond

Confirm that your church has:

  • Gathered information
  • Developed your organization
  • Assessed your resources and added what’s needed
  • Recruited a volunteer base who are trained and available to respond

Now your church is ready to meet needs as they arise!

The BCM/D stands ready to consult and partner with you as you respond in your community!

BCM/D Ready
Ellen Udovich

BCM/D Ready Responds to natural disasters and community needs throughout Maryland, Delaware and the world!

Help us reach more people!

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