Church Planting

Every church that exists today was once a new start. God’s command for us to “go and make disciples” is best accomplished within the support structure of a church community.

New churches and ministries are the best hope for reaching our world, and even our region for Christ.

If you are interested in church planting or in partnering with a church plant, we have a place for you.

Types of Events:

  • Church Planter training, live and online
  • Demographic information and analysis
  • Coaching for performance and life
  • Partnering church training and development
  • Peer Learning connections and events
  • Spouse and family support

Our Distinctives

The following areas are the growing edge of our church planting efforts:

  • SEND Baltimore & SEND DC. The North American Mission Board has prioritized its work in the cities with the greatest spiritual need and potential influence throughout North America. Included in the 32 Send Cities is Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and their neighboring vicinities.
  • Language church planting, both for first and the later generations
  • Southern and Western Maryland, The Eastern Shore and Delaware
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Areas of systemic poverty, where we will create practical and effective ways for our BCM/D churches to engage and have a presence.