Time for Prayer was “Beyond Special”

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Thirty-six. Written numerically, it is 36. It’s a good score for nine holes in golf. It’s a low score for a complete basketball game. It’s an absurdly high number of students for one elementary teacher to have in a classroom. But it was a great number for the inaugural Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D) prayer meetings on February 13 in partnership with our Baptist associations and Maryland/Delaware churches. Participants stormed the gates of heaven, interceding for individuals, for the churches of the BCM/D, and for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven in general.

“What a precious time of prayer with brothers and sisters in Christ! I sensed that all the attendees seriously felt the presence of our Lord, individually and collectively,” said BCM/D’s Women’s Ministry Missionary Melody Knox.

At Faith Baptist Fellowship Church, Cambridge, in the Eastern Baptist Association (EBA), BCM/D Associate Executive Director Mark Dooley led a group of 14 to pray. At LaPlata Baptist Church in the Potomac Baptist Association (PBA), BCM/D Church Partnership Missionary Victor Kirk led 14 more, and at CrossLife Community Church, Elkridge in the Mid-Maryland Association (MMBA), BCM/D Church Partnership Team Leader Dan Hyun led eight people in prayer.

BCM/D Church and Community Partnership Missionary Ellen Udovich, who took part at LaPlata Baptist Church, said, “I appreciate how our prayer leader gave us prompts to guide our prayers within small groups. I left feeling not just encouraged but refreshed in my spirit, and I think others felt the same way too.”  Allen Memorial Baptist Church, Salisbury, Pastor Bill Warren, who took part at Faith Baptist Fellowship‘s prayer meeting, said, “I was delighted that our state convention leadership demonstrated their commitment to prayer. I was especially pleased that our executive director (Tom Stolle) took time out of his very busy schedule to join us.”

Some may be tempted to say that with over 400 affiliated BCM/D churches, there should have been more than 36 people praying. But a better perspective is to say that there were 36 people praying. In Scripture, we often see where God worked through smaller groups. The church didn’t begin with the masses but rather a few committed disciples. Also, God commanded Gideon to pare down his army from 32,000 soldiers to 300. So, praise God for the 36 who came to pray. As this effort continues, perhaps more will join that number.

Randall Blackmon, pastor of Faith Baptist Fellowship, who hosted for the EBA prayer meeting, said, “It was wonderful to pray with brothers and sisters from across the Eastern Shore. The time of prayer was inspiring, intentional, and intercessory, as we gathered for one specific purpose — to pray, the one thing we need to do more of together.”

This effort also provides a wonderful opportunity to partner with our local associations. Fred Caudle, Associational Missional Strategist for the Potomac Association and BCM/D president, said, “This time set aside to pray with our churches was beyond special. The love and sincere requests to our Lord together in prayer were humbling and lifted my day to walk in His grace.
I’m looking forward to more times together in prayer.” 

Additional times of prayer will be held on May 14 and will be hosted by churches in the Western Baptist Association, Blue Ridge Baptist Association and Susquehanna Baptist Association. You can also mark your calendar for August 8 and October 29 as further opportunities for prayer. More information can be found on our events page.

Mark Dooley serves as BCM/D associate executive director.