Teens “ReBoot” on the Mountain

By Emily Reedy

By the grace of God, we were able to hold two weekend sessions of our annual winter youth camp, ReBoot, at Skycroft Conference Center.  In total, 140 students and their youth leaders joined us for the 11th year of this special event. Eleven BCM/D churches participated in the Jan. 8 to 10 and 15 to 17 weekends. Maryland churches included  Bethlehem Church in Middle River; First Baptist Church of BrunswickFirst Baptist Church of ThurmontElvaton Baptist Church in Millersville; Faith Family Church in Finksburg; Hope Baptist Church in Laurel, Mt. Airy Baptist ChurchOak Grove Baptist Church in Bel Air; Redland Baptist Church in Derwood; and Tabernacle Baptist Church in Essex. Grace Seaford Church in Delaware also attended.

Skycroft staff works hard to have great, unique games for teens and children who visit for camps. (photo courtesy of Skycroft Conference Center)

ReBoot includes all the standard pillars of camp – worship, Bible teaching, recreation, fellowship – but each year includes a series of new games, activities, and challenges. This year, students enjoyed life-size PacMan, an outdoor photo scavenger hunt followed by hot chocolate, and our take on a camp version of Shark Tank where students had the opportunity to pitch an innovative new product to wealthy investors (aka: their youth leaders).

Skycroft staff worked extra hard to put several COVID-19 protocols in place, including multiple meal shifts, distancing, and frequent cleaning to keep everyone safe and comfortable. The team made special efforts were made in the programming of activities to keep students with their youth groups only; outside of worship, the different groups did not intermix. Jesus is always at the center of what we do at camp. During the first weekend of ReBoot, we walked through the book of Philippians to see that Christ is enough, even while Paul was on house arrest (sounds a lot like quarantine …) and in any circumstance we may find ourselves in.

In the second weekend session, we looked through Scripture from beginning to end to see that Jesus is the One we must seek above everything else. Despite our efforts to build our own kingdoms, our struggle with sinful desires, and our faithlessness, Jesus still did the work to win salvation on our behalf.

Looking ahead, while we expect smaller crowds with the effects of the virus lingering on, we are optimistic that camp will happen in summer 2021 even if it looks a bit different. The ultimate purposes of camp will still be served: a place where iron sharpens iron, a place where kids can be kids, a place where the good news of Jesus Christ is shared all day long.

Emily Reedy is the director of Skycroft Conference Center in Middletown, Maryland.

Cover photo courtesy of Skycroft Conference Center.