Resources for Child Abuse Prevention Month

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The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware stands with many local and national organizations in recognizing April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. We applaud many of our churches that are taking necessary steps to set up prevention systems to protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults. We also commend churches that are training leadership, staff, and volunteers to recognize signs and symptoms of abuse and how to respond to abuse appropriately. The church should be the last place someone experiences abuse, and it should be the first place someone who has experienced abuse can find hope and healing.

BCM/D continues to assist our churches with awareness and education on the topic of sexual abuse prevention, specifically in ministry contexts, and we’re excited to bring you two new opportunities!

Free Online Webinars
First, we’ve partnered with MinistrySafe to offer three free online webinars on various topics related to sexual abuse prevention. Each 60-minute webinar explores topics such as Third-Party Use of Facilities, Protecting the Vulnerable, and Background Checks.

The first webinar will be held at 11 a.m. on April 30 and will focus on third-party facility use. Are outside third parties using your facilities, such as AWANA, Young Life, homeschool groups, a basketball league, or perhaps another church? Are you acquainted with the concept of third-party liability? Churches must balance generosity with wisdom – especially related to child sexual abuse risk that can arise from third-party facility use. This webinar will walk through how a church can evaluate facility use, develop their facilities use policies and create a facilities use agreement for entities granted permitted access.

Free Parent Training Through April
BCM/D recognizes the crucial role parents play in protecting their children from abuse. They are the first line of defense. Scripture calls them to be the primary discipler of their children.

It is estimated that between 55% – 70% of those who have experienced sexual abuse as a child delay disclosure until adulthood. There are many reasons for this, including the fear of not being believed, not having the proper terminology to express what has happened to them, and not understanding that what is happening to them is wrong. 

It’s imperative that parents talk with their children early and often. But how do they do that? Again, we’re pleased to partner with MinstrySafe to offer access to a FREE online parent workshop! This is a pre-recorded workshop that you can send to all the parents in your ministry, educating and equipping them to help prevent abuse. It is a must-watch for 100% of the parents in your congregation! Take advantage of this opportunity, as the training is only free for the month of April! Visit the MinistsrySafe page for this exclusive offer.

Our goal is that 100% of BCM/D-affiliated churches be on a clear pathway to protection and prevention. Our Pathways resource page is always being updated with the latest information to assist your church.