Register now for BCM/D’s Annual Ministers’ Tax Seminar

Man ding paperwork

It’s the most challenging time of the year

With those big numbers crunching

And everyone telling you, “Try not to Fear,”

It’s the most challenging time of the year!

It’s the stress-stressfully season of all.

There’ll be much mumbling, grumbling,

praying and fumbling,

and taking long walks to calm down.

There’ll be scary tax stories

and tales of the glories of refunds from long, long ago…..

Okay, we’re just having some fun, but tax season can be challenging for ministers and those who work with church finances, especially with yearly tax changes and staff transitions. And it’s a great time to refresh your knowledge. Each January, BCM/D Associate Executive Director and CFO Tom Stolle gives clear, concise information to help ministers, church treasurers, bookkeepers, and others get up-to-date needed tax information. There’s also a time for Q&A. Additionally, you’ll get to fellowship with others involved in church finances.

This year, the Ministers’ Tax Seminar will be offered in person and online from 9:30 a.m.-noon on Thursday, January 26, at the BCM/D offices at 10255 Old Columbia Rd, Columbia. The registration fee is $20 per person. Register now for this popular seminar:

For more information, email Margot Painter.

Featured Photo: Adobe Images