Prayer Blitzing

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By Adron Dozat

Have you ever considered a Prayer Blitz? Sometimes, we need a season of prayer, such as 40 days for revival or a week-long prayer campaign while the kids are at camp. But sometimes, you might want to consider a Prayer Blitz.”  For example, a church picnic on Sunday can benefit from a prayer blitz on Saturday. Or a neighborhood outreach on Saturday can be “blitzed” in prayer on Friday.

The prayer blitz is a short one-day campaign the day before the event. It typically has 12 prayer requests that are released, one each hour from 8 AM to 8 PM. The blitz covers the event with a “Day of Prayer” the day before.

A Prayer Blitz has many benefits. Below are just a few: 

  • A prayer blitz does not require lots of planning and organization.
  • The nearness of the event increases motivation to pray.
  • There is no need to recruit. Everyone engaged in the event is asked to pray.
  • Communication will already be in place.
  • You don’t need to provide training.
  • The church is already engaged. Thoughts and concerns about the event will add depth and passion to prayer.
  • You don’t need to buy resource materials.
  • People will begin to see that even a church picnic or community service must be covered in prayer, just like a revival or mission trip.
  • It is a day of prayer. But no one is being asked to pray all day.
  • The prayer emphasis says, “We are a House of Prayer.”

Here are some suggestions for your prayer blitz:

Don’t over-promote
People will see the prayer blitz as an organic part of the event.

Don’t ask too much.
Give options. You can say, “Choose five of these times to pray.” Or “Choose six out of these twelve on-the-hour requests.”

Be mindful of people’s schedules.
Acknowledge that people are busy and provide strategies they can use to engage in prayer. “You might receive this text while shopping. When you return to your car, take five minutes and pray,” or “You might be in the office right now, but when you take your coffee break, could you pray?” 

Give an hourly communication blast.
Send out just one prayer point to pray each hour. Or communicate a 12-hour on-the-hour list of 12 requests and ask people to take one each hour.

Very, Very, Important!  Say thank you each time!

And Very, Very, Very Important! Remember, a vital part of being a prayer minister is praying for the prayer team. Since they are fighting the Lord’s battles, you need to battle for them!

So the next time you have an event like a church bazaar or Meals-on-Wheels, include a prayer blitz the day before and let us know how it goes.

If your director of prayer would like to discuss some ideas for your prayer ministry, feel free to contact the BCM/D Prayer Coordinator, Adron Dozat.