New Nextgen Curriculum Addresses Identity & Belonging

One of the biggest concerns we hear about this generation of young people is their need to find identity and belonging. Kids and students are finding solutions to these dilemmas outside of the church. The culture is currently louder than the church. Finally, a curriculum is addressing this issue and reassures kids that their identity, true connection, and real belonging are found in Christ and who He says they are.

Lifeway has released its first new line of curriculum in over a decade. Hyfi is a brand new, 100% digital curriculum that teaches the truths of Scripture in a way that helps preschoolers, kids, and students understand their true identity in Christ.

“Hyfi is a project born out of a burden,” said Lifeway President and CEO Ben Mandrell. “In Denver, my wife and I had the joy of planting a church filled with people who had not been around the Bible or church before. A curriculum was needed to help provide them a gentle on-ramp to the faith.”

Hyfi is designed to help every kid find deep connections, real friends and be ready to hear the gospel in a large group, small group format. It assumes no prior Biblical knowledge and meets kids and students where they are.

Chuck Peters, director of Lifeway Kids says, “I believe over the last three years, a lot of us have been trying to drive our ministries while looking backward. We’ve idealized the pre-COVID past. We’ve thought, ‘If only things could go back to how they used to be, it would all be OK.’ The culture has changed. The secular worldview that’s pushed on our kids is louder and more powerful.”

Hyfi pushes back on secular culture with 12 simple truths; I am known, I am forgiven, I am made for community, I am never alone, I am secure, I am meant to know God, I am loved, I am set apart, I am here to share Jesus, I am uniquely designed, I am broken, I am designed for a purpose. This rolling scope and sequence allows churches to jump in at any time, and each lesson stands alone from week to week, addressing the inconsistent attendance pattern we’re seeing in churches today.

While the 12 truths will remain the same from year to year, the Bible stories that teach those truths will be changed. Perfect for preschool, kids, and students, I encourage you to take some time to get to know this new resource! Available for purchase this summer, Hyfi begins in the fall of 2023! See the Hyfi homepage, or listen to the Lifeway Kids Ministry 101 podcast for more information!

Feature Image: Adobe Images