My BCM/D Family May 11, 2023

There’s so much going on throughout our BCM/D churches. Did you know that although most of our affiliated churches are in Maryland and Delaware, we also have a few elsewhere, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia? We’re a diverse, multicultural group of autonomous churches – traditional, contemporary, church plants, and established churches filled with individuals from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures and we want to share your news, photos, events, unique ministries, and more. And we’ll also share what the BCM/D offers and how we can equip and encourage you. Feel free to share your news for consideration at

Bridging the Nations Ministry International.

Joe Dine, a member of Severna Park Baptist Church (SPBC) and the president and founder of Bridging the Nations Ministry International (BNMI), will lead a five-person team from SPBC to Cuba from May 24-June 1. Team members include Dine, Lead Pastor Dave Brown, Pastor of Worship and Connections, and BNMI Development Officer Bill Bloomquist, and church members Jason Montangne and Bill Swartz.

A Cuban family receives a package of food from Bridge to the Nations Ministries International. (Photo courtesy of BNMI)

Brown said, “This is our church’s first mission trip to Cuba after going to Nicaragua for seven years. We’re going on a religious visa to support pastors with God’s word and brotherly encouragement, spur churches with medical and outreach supplies, and see God’s kingdom work in Cuba.”

BMNI was formed to develop partnerships between local churches, ministries, and individuals in the United States with missionaries and pastors in Cuba. Since BMNI‘s beginning in 2015, Cuban partnerships have grown to support 26 pastors who preach at multiple services in different locations.

Dine said the people in Cuba are struggling — waiting in long lines, for hours at times, to get food. Sometimes they have to stay overnight to get gasoline.

To help, BMNI arranges to provide food. “We purchase, bag and deliver food to pastors and their teams, who take the food – on scooters or walking usually, to families. Dine emphasized that BMNI‘s Family Food Ministry gifts are not just being given to believers. “Each church also shares some of the bags with non-believers as well. We have seen people’s lives surrendered to the Lord through this ministry.”

Also, Dine said the medical system is very poor. “Many people don’t understand that when you go into the hospital, you are on your own. Your family provides food and other needs.” BMNi helps families in these situations.

Dine said another need is over-the-counter medicines BMNI has provided start-up packs of otc medicines, such as ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and others, for 100 churches.

Additionally, the organization has helped with small construction projects. Following hurricane damage, volunteers helped some churches put roofs back on.

BMNI has seen fruit through the years. Dine said 600 hundred men attended a conference on what it means to be a Christian man. Many rededicated their lives to Christ, and others stepped forward to serve in the churches. Also, over 100 children participated in a children’s event and heard the gospel. The kids were also thrilled just to get ice cream. Many had not had such a treat for a year or more.

Dine travels at least three times a year to Cuba. Through BMNI, he can assist churches in participating in these missions to Cuba. Dine said it’s a good first step into international missions.

Dave Brown and Joe Dine ask for prayer for the upcoming trip. Brown said, We definitely appreciate the prayer support for the initiatives, for team health, and travel safety.”

For more information about BNMI, or mission trips to Cuba, email Dine at

Mission to Mexico & Mental Health

Four of Trinity Baptist Church, Waldorf, young adults will be serving on a mission trip to Mexico along with several adults. They will partner with Ebenezer Baptist Church and serve in the cities of San Bartolome Matlalohcan, Tlexcala Apizaco, San Jeronimo Caleras, Puebla and San Nicolas de los Rancos, Puebla.

Trinity Baptist Church will have a “Chat & Color” event on Saturday that includes storytime for the kids, then time for parents to learn about enhancing child/parent relationships.

Ebony Davis, the associate pastor of youth, said this is TBC‘s third trip and the first since the Covid crisis.
Davis said the pandemic was particularly hard on Christian churches in Mexico, and some pastors were unable to sustain the financial impact. Pastor David Villareal, the pastor of their partner church, is currently leading three churches and is determined that the gospel will continue to go forth in each of these cities. Davis said, “We are excited about going, and they are eager for us to come.”
During their trip, they will be doing some maintenance work, painting and tarring a roof on one of the church buildings during the day; in the evenings, the team will lead Bible clubs for children and worship services. Davis said, “We also hope that we will be able to reach a new mission area and minister to the women and children.”
Adults on the mission team are Ebony and her husband, James, and Pepe Rojo, the pastor of Mision Sur de Maryland. Young adults are Rober Fahr, Caleb Davis; Katy Svitak and Lillian Branch.
TBC is also acknowledging mental health awareness through May. Davis said each week, someone is speaking on the topic in some way. “We want to let people know that it’s okay — the church and mental health needs are not in conflict with each other.”

Also, as part of the observance, church member Angela Alexander, an author of children’s books, will have an event called “Chat & Color” starting at 1 p.m. on May 13.  She will read her book “Alex Goes to the Circus” to children. Following the reading, children will have a coloring time while Alexander addresses parents, using strategies from the book to help build healthier child-parent relationships.

Tea Party

Clinton Baptist Church’s “Afternoon English Tea,” with First Lady Jeanette Pugh was a hit. The tea and food selections included sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, smoked salmon, quiche, and many desserts. The women dressed for the occasion.

Clinton Baptist Church had an English Tea! Ladies dressed up and enjoyed a bevy of goodies (Facebook photo used with permission)

The event was an opportunity for fellowship, bonding, and encouragement.

NYC Missions Trip
Canvas Church, Salisbury, will embark on its first mission trip in July. They’ll head to the big apple and complete three service projects, serve two church plants, and paint missionary housing in the city. They’re still planning, but they’re very excited.
Anniversary & HUM Choir
Christian Liberty Church will celebrate its nine-year anniversary on May 21 with an outdoor worship service and block party. They’ll have food, games, fellowship, and music. Provided by the Helping Up Mission Choir.

All are welcome at the church’s 2603 Baker Street campus.

Saints Church in Severna Park will have its annual baptism service and church picnic after church on May 21.

Feature photo: Joe Dine (sixth from left in back) with one of BNMI’s ministry teams in the Pinar del Rio area. (courtesy of BNMI)