My BCM/D Family News April 13, 2023

“There’s so much going on throughout our BCM/D churches. Did you know that although most of our affiliated churches are in Maryland and Delaware, we also have a few elsewhere, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia? We’re a diverse, multicultural group of autonomous churches – traditional, contemporary, church plants, and established churches filled with individuals from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures and we want to share your news, photos, events, unique ministries, and more. And we’ll also share what the BCM/D offers and how we can equip and encourage you. Feel free to share your news for consideration at [email protected].

Raju Bhudathocki shared about God’s faithfulness in the midst of torture for his faith. (Photo by Sharon Mager)

Nepali Pastor was tortured for his faith in Jesus
Raju Budhathoki, a pastor at Nepali Speaking Church of Baltimore, recently shared his testimony at North Glen Community Church. Budhathoki was born to a Hindu family in Bhutan. Due to ethnic and political situations, his family was deported to Nepal in 1993. “In my childhood, I had to go through very hard times and had no peace. In order to obtain peace, I did many things but still could not find it.” In Nepal, Budhathoki heard a Christian preaching at a refugee camp. “He shared about Jesus to me from Romans 6:23; and 3:23-25.  When I heard those verses, I found myself as a filthy rag and a great sinner. So I quickly decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I received eternal life. I got salvation, and I committed my life to God. And I had peace too.” He was then a teenager.

As a result of Budhathoki’s conversion, family members were angry. One beat him with a big roll (log) so badly that he was paralyzed for more than a month. “I was not given food by my family, and the society of Hindus tortured me mercilessly and tried to force me to forsake Jesus.” He was given an ultimatum — forsake Jesus or leave the family and society. “I told them I will not deny Jesus nor forsake Christ who gave me peace and eternal life. So I left all of my family and society.

“I couldn’t stay quiet within myself. All of the Bible verses inspired me to go and share the peace of God and the joy I had received.” That led to his arrest. False charges were leveled against him, and he went to jail for 15 months. “It was very hard in jail for me, but there also I could not stay quiet.” He preached in jail. and was tortured. But he kept preaching. “Many prisoners were saved in Christ.

“My parents never visited me in the prison during that time, and I didn’t see them for two years. It was hard for me, but I prayed that they also might know Christ as their savior. After being released from jail, I shared the love of Jesus to my family, and they accepted Christ and are all saved.”

After his release from jail, he went to Bible College in India and still struggled with persecution. He went back to Nepal and established many churches.

“I am praying for India, Bhutan, Nepal, and the global world. Please pray for me and stand with me. If you would like to know more, email Budhathoki, [email protected]

Canvas Second-Year Anniversary
BCM/D Executive Director Tom Stolle brought greetings to Canvas Church, Salisbury, on their second anniversary on April 2. Stolle thanked Pastor Richard Pope and the congregation for their partnership and for sharing the gospel with their community. He reminded them, “God the Father gave His only son. In response, we should love and serve others, giving them a glimpse of Jesus through love, actions, and service.”

Pope preached a message entitled, “What if we do — What if we give God everything?” He emphasized prayer – praying “crazy prayers;’ community – gathering together, living generous lives, seeking and sharing beauty. “What if that becomes the rhythm of our lives?” he asked.

He shared about Jesus’ invitation to “follow me.” The disciples spent time with Jesus, and they said, “We have found the Messiah.” Pope emphasized, “If you are struggling in your faith, spend time with Jesus. Don’t settle for a faith that’s limited to your schedule. If you want incredible things to happen, let Jesus be there.” He told listeners you can’t expect a mechanic to fix your car if you don’t give him the keys to the car.

“What can be more beautiful and wonderful than living in the presence of God?”

He encouraged the congregation to follow Jesus, leaving behind what they must; trust that God can do great things in small places, and go, seeing the glory of Christ in every place, every time, and every one.

What if we go all in? Pope said, “We will have the greatest adventure; we will see untold glories; we will be victorious because Christ is victorious.”

Lifeway Women Simulcast
Hughesville Baptist Church invites ladies to a Lifeway women’s simulcast event from 8:45 am – 3:15 pm on April 29. It’s a chance to step out for a day, relax with other women, and fellowship.

Onsite food trucks will be available for lunch, or you can bring your own meal.

Register online. 


“Body Building”
The Montgomery Baptist Association (MBA) will have its annual “Church Body Building Conference” from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm on May 20 at First Baptist Church Rockville, 55 Adclare Road. All are invited! The event is free, but pre-registration is suggested. Lunch will be provided.

A variety of seminars will be offered, including the following:

  • Jesus’ Servant Leader Principles for Kingdom Success, Ron Blankenship, Montogomery Baptist Association director of missions — The secret of successful leadership and life is to follow the kingdom of God’s servant leadership principles of Jesus in the Bible. What are the key traits of a servant leader?
  • Special Purpose Small Groups & Ministries, Tim Bonner—Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church RockvilleYour church and community have needs your congregation can meet through caring ministries and short-term small groups. Learn how you can start Celebrate Recovery, DivorceCare, GriefShare, English as a Second Language (ESL), Financial Peace University, and Stephen Ministry, and link with established counseling ministries.
  • Developing a Digital Ministry, Richard Dillard, President, SpiffySites — God has blessed us with fantastic new tools for reaching the lost and serving the local church. Learn the fundamentals of leveraging these digital tools to develop and implement a digital ministry at your church.
  • Practicing Digital Security, Richard Dillard, President, SpiffySites — Are you maintaining best practices to ensure digital safety and security for your staff, members, and computer systems?
  • The Heart of Evangelism, Mark Dooley, Associate Executive Director, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware — The Heart of Evangelism.
    Many Jesus followers spend countless hours learning “how” to share their faith, yet they still don’t share it. That’s because the issue is not a head issue but a heart issue. This conference seeks to address issues that will help us develop a heart for evangelism.
  • The Church and Immigration Law, Ann Holcomb — Immigration Attorney, Law Office of Ann Holcomb —  How can churches minister to the increasing immigrant population in our area? The seminar will explore both the Biblical rationale for ministry to immigrants and the practical aspects of immigration law.
  • Steps to Church Revitalization, Dr. Phillip Hurst, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, West Hyattsville, MD — What does the Bible say about Church Revitalization? This seminar will utilize insights from the book of Nehemiah, along with other contemporary sources, to offer a roadmap for churches and church leaders to become healthy spiritually and better focused on ministering to their community.
  • Cultivating a Healthy Discipleship Culture in Your Church, Dr. Greg Kame, director of missions, Arundel Baptist Association — For a church to have a healthy disciple-making culture, pastors must lead in evangelizing unbelievers and nurturing believers to grow in faith. But what does this entail? How should pastors cultivate a healthy discipleship culture in their churches?
  • Experiencing Financial Independence, Rev. Monroe Weeks, Weeks and Associates (Financial Educator) — How can you manage your finances so you can become a better steward of the resources God has entrusted to you? This seminar, “How Money Works,” will explore such topics as cash flow planning, getting out of debt, saving, wise investments, and retirement planning.

Visit the MBA website for more information and to register.

Here’s a special offer: If at least ten people from your church pre-register and attend (including yourself), the MBA will send you a $200 check to use toward buying books for your ministerial library.