Maryland/Delaware Baptists Preparing to March for Life

The 2023 Maryland March for Life (MFL) is February 27 in Annapolis — and Maryland/Delaware Baptists will be represented! In fact, Redemption City Church (RCC), Baltimore, will lead a short time of worship, and BCM/D Evangelism Director Mark Dooley will lead prayer at the end of the march at Laywer’s Mall. 

Joe Flemming, the director of men’s ministry at North Glen Community Church, marched in a past Maryland March for Life event. (Photo by Sharon Mager)

Bill Voelp, the executive director of RCC, serves on BCM/D’s Christian Life & Public Affairs Committee (CLPA) and the MFL steering committee. Voelp said that Catholics have taken the lead on the front lines of the Right to Life movement, and now they are pleased to see Baptists coming alongside them, uniting in support of the sanctity of life. “They are very receptive and excited that (more) Maryland/Delaware Baptists are going to join with them.”

Several BCM/D churches have taken part in the walk through the years, but the CLPA hopes to encourage more participation. CLPA Chair Chris McCombs, the pastor of Lexington Park Baptist Church, said this is an important time to show up and stand for life —  especially with the introduction of the bill, “Declaration of Rights — Right to Reproductive Freedom,” to solidify abortion in Maryland. Voelp expressed grave concerns about the bill as well. “It’s not good,” Voelp said, adding that the bill ensures abortion in Maryland and stops any future attempts to block it.

The Bill, HB705/SB798, per Maryland Right to Life’s website, will make abortion a fundamental right. “Maryland taxpayers will be forced to pay for ALL ABORTIONS when a majority of Marylanders believe there should be at least some reasonable restrictions on abortion. (The) Amendment also would compel physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers to participate in abortion, in violation of their rights of conscience and free exercise of religion. Finally, by passing this bill, the Maryland legislature will be infringing on the Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States by barring all future attempts to pass lifesaving legislation such as partial-birth abortion or dismemberment bans.” You can read more and take action here.

Those who plan to march will meet at St.Mary’s Catholic Church, 109 Duke of Gloucester Street in Annapolis, at 5 pm. A short worship time on the parking lot starts at 5:30 p.m., and the March begins at 6 p.m. Marchers will assemble and walk up Main Street to Laywer’s Mall in front of the State House for a rally, and they’re invited to return to St. Mary’s Church for an informal reception with refreshments on a first come basis and to meet and socialize with other pro-life marchers, organizations, and legislators.

Registration is not required but helps organizers to prepare for refreshments. Those who plan to bring a bus are requested to register their headcount and email [email protected]