George Liele Church Planting, Evangelism, & Missions Sunday

The International Mission Board (IMB) has announced the availability of stories, videos, and promotional resources for George Liele Church Planting, Evangelism, and Missions Sunday on Feb. 6, 2022. These materials can be found at

Southern Baptists set aside the first Sunday in February to celebrate the work and leadership of Black and African American Southern Baptist missionaries and to recognize the legacy of George Liele.

George Liele is one of the most significant figures in the history of Christian missions. While William Carey is recognized as the father of the modern missionary movement, that designation also belongs to George Liele. He was a freed Georgia slave who came to Christ in 1773, at the age of 23. In 1782, he and his family left the United States to share the gospel in Jamaica, a full ten years before Carey left England.

Resources provided by the IMB will help you, your families, and your churches make this special Sunday a meaningful day.

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