Communications Director Megan Jones Balances Career & Home

Maybe you haven’t met Megan Jones, but if you have engaged with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D) in the past year or participated in conferences, training, and other events, you have been impacted by her work. Jones holds the roles of communications director, executive office coordinator and human resources manager. She additionally serves on the BCM/D leadership council which is responsible for planning and implementing strategy. Additionally, she works alongside Executive Director Tom Stolle and Assistant Executive Director Mark Dooley supporting the Administrative Committee of the BCM/D General Mission Board.

“It’s interesting. I have never been one to have a super-defined spiritual sense of my gifting. I can’t paint or sing …but I’ve learned over my 38 years that my gifting is more administrative,” she said.

Sharing her spiritual journey, Jones said, “I grew up in church, and I was very privileged to go to a Christian school. That is where I was saved  — in kindergarten. Because of the family I grew up in and my environment, my faith could take root and flourish as I got older.”

She married Joseph “Jay” Jones, and the two, with a team, planted Freedom Windsor Mill Church. It was through their sending church, Freedom Church Baltimore, and their interaction with the North American Mission Board and church planting assessments that they became familiar with the BCM/D.

The BCM/D Leadership Counsel includes Church Partnership Team Leader Dan Hyun, Executive Director Tom Stolle, Associate Executive Director Mark Dooley, Communications Director Megan Jones, and Skycroft Director Emily Reedy.

Megan joined the BCM/D staff in June 2022. She has a degree in business administration and has experience in church media. She has also served in administrative roles in all of the churches she has attended.

Unique Role

She’s thrilled at the opportunity to use her experience and gifting. “I feel as though I have one of the most unique roles in the convention. I sit in the middle position. I’m not the person calling the shots, but I’m around those that are. I’m in those meetings where decisions matter, and I have a voice. I can share my input as a staff member, a church member, and a pastor’s wife.”

Megan is an officer on the General Mission Board and Administrative Committee, serving as the recording secretary. “I’m able to be a part of the conversation from inception all the way through the fulfillment of an idea.”

She sees herself as a bridge — that her role is primarily to take the executive director’s vision and communicate that vision to staff, churches, and associations, and assist in implementation. It’s thrilling for her to see the end results of equipping and encouraging churches and ultimately of souls coming to know Jesus.

The job has many components that require teamwork to bring the vision to life. Megan said “I could not do this job alone. It is the team that makes the vision come to life.” She said she is thankful and depends on the work of Media Specialist Dominic Henry; Communications Specialist/BaptistLIFE Editor Sharon Mager, and Children’s & Youth Ministry Missionary Kris Buckman, who assists the communication team as a part-time communications consultant and editor. Additionally, she expressed gratitude to Church Partnership Support Specialist Demetra Bennett and Finance Office Coordinator, Facilities Manager, and IT Coordinator Margot Painter, who both manage significant administrative tasks.

Megan Jones and Joseph Jay Jones with their children l-r, Chaise, Kalib, Jael, and Devyn

Balancing home and work
Jay and Megan have four children, Kalib, 12; Jael, 11; Devyn, 9; and Chaise, 8. Megan said, “As an employee, mom, wife, and pastor’s wife, setting boundaries — when work time is work time and family time is family time — has been a challenge for me, but It’s great that the convention is always, in my opinion, encouraging me to prioritize my family over my job.” A flexible schedule makes a huge difference in this area, she said. “Because of the encouragement, I’m finding my way.”

“It’s a good experience! I want my girls to see that it’s possible to excel at work and at home. I want my girls to know their mom can be a department director, lead a team at work, and be at home too. I want them to strive to excel at whatever the Lord has for them as they get older.

“I came from a home where a woman was not expected to work. That’s how I grew up, but I had to work because of our financial situation and four kids.

“I love that I can go to work and impact the kingdom of God without negatively affecting my kids. And I love that what I do directly impacts churches. I’m a piece of the puzzle. I try to be that silent piece that helps everything come together.”

Stolle praised Megan’s work and professionalism. “Megan is an incredibly valuable member of our leadership team. She is intuitive, helps us reimagine ourselves as an organization, and also handles the necessary administrative details of her job well. Her vision and work are helping us reshape our social media efforts, and we are seeing the impact. I am thankful that God brought her to the BCM/D.”