Adron Dozat’s Bible Time Fun Special Easter Edition

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

EDITORS NOTE: The BCM/D’s very own Adron Dozat has designed free coloring pages for use in your church or home! You are welcome to visit his blog to download many more scripture coloring pages. Each week, Adron works meticulously to create these pages, and he adds a short summary, sharing his favorite activities, struggles and successes during the week, and more. Feel free to email Adron for suggestions or feedback!                                                                                                                 

This special Easter issue is ten pages! (Five that print back to back.) It has extra coloring pages and a cleaner, simpler look. I’ve left out the discussion questions since it is intended as an evangelist tool and not a classroom activity; this way the Scripture can speak.

Every scripture in this activity book is a gospel verse. There is a coloring page of the ABC’s of the gospel with scripture. 

The codebreaker is not a puzzle but an activity since I gave the entire code for the verse.
I hope this is used by the Lord to sew the seed of His Word in tender hearts.
Your servant in Christ.
A. E. Dozat
Isaish 55:10-11

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