Adron Dozat’s Bible Time Fun Issue 186

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

EDITORS NOTE: The BCM/D’s very own Adron Dozat has designed free coloring pages for use in your church or home! You are welcome to visit his blog to download many more scripture coloring pages. Each week, Adron works meticulously to create these pages, and he adds a short summary, sharing his favorite activities, struggles and successes during the week, and more. Feel free to email Adron for suggestions or feedback! 

I am excited to have finished another issue of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY issue 186. This issue has a lot of great activities for kids of all ages, and as always, every activity, puzzle, and coloring picture focuses on a Bible verse.

There are many great scriptures, some of which we do not usually see in a children’s ministry. The Find The Difference activity was fun for me to draw. It is Martha carrying things for serving. I got carried away and did seven instead of making six differences for you to find. I hope you enjoy it.

The cover coloring page turned out beautifully. I know some people are getting tired of the flowers, but it worked out in this picture. The verse is Isaiah 26:12. There are many great scriptures in Isaiah. This one has layers of things for you to ponder.

I got a little lazy with the Code Breaker, but sometimes it is good to give you an easy one. It is a basic “slip code.” It is so simple that the three clues are two too many!

I am delighted with each of the word puzzles, like the Shape Sort and the Grid Puzzle. They keep you looking at the verse to do the puzzle. Creating these is fun for me because, as a creative, it stretches me to think in straight lines.

The Explorer’s Challenge activity is usually straightforward, like drawing circles around certain words and a box around others. The verse is Revelation 22:13 and short, so the Let’s Talk About It question is intended to interpret it on their level. It is still open-ended.

There are three coloring pictures, a maze puzzle, word search puzzles, a Bible bookmark with passages to read, a memory verse craft, and more. I wish I could do more, but there are only so many hours in the week, and I barely get these done every week as it is.

As always, most of the activities have opened ended questions. I hope you can have spiritual discussions with the kids.

I hope this issue is a blessing to you. Remember to come back next week for the next exciting and fun edition of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY.