A Kenyan Christmas Miracle

The BCM/D has a partnership with the Gucha Central Baptist Convention in Kenya. A portion of your gifts from the State Missions Offering provided food for widows and orphans in one of the poorest villages in Kenya. The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware’(BCM/D) received the following letter from Charles Juma, the convention’s liaison in Kenya.

Dear brothers and sisters,

This story takes place on the Christmas Eve of 2020. I want you to imagine with me just for a moment. Imagine that you are an extremely poor widow in one of the poorest villages in Kenya. In addition, you have anywhere from five to seven children under your care. On top of that, you are also HIV/AIDS positive and your health is extremely poor. Imagine that it is December 24, and everyone is busy buying food in readiness for Christmas Day.

But you do not have a single coin in your pocket, and you have nowhere or no one to turn to for help. Your kids do not know any better. So they are probably expecting that there will be some special food for them on December 25. But you know better. You know that you have nothing in your kitchen or pocket, and there is nothing you can do about it. But you cannot tell your kids that. They will not understand you. So you just go on your knees, look up in the sky, and pray for some miracle to happen. Or you just give up altogether.

Well, the scenario I have painted above was actually true for a group of selected widows on the eve of this last Christmas. Fortunately, the story ends well for them. You see, I had asked the coordinator to select and invite some of the poorest widows in the village. The coordinator did not tell them the purpose for the invitation. So when my team and I arrived and began giving out food and relief funds for Christmas, these widows were literally seeing a miracle happen before their eyes. The vast majority of them had given up on hope. It is no wonder that when we handed out food to them, many of the widows literally kissed their food baskets and thanked God for giving them and their children a reason to smile on Christmas Day. I cried for joy when I saw this. They began singing spontaneously.

I shared the Gospel with them and ten of the widows came to the Lord on the eve of this last Christmas. Several children also asked Jesus into their hearts as Lord and Savior.

Thank you so much, dear friends. Your financial support made it possible for this story to happen. These widows will never forget Dec. 24, 2020. I will never forget it. And heaven will remember it too.

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