46 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Children’s Ministry

From BL editor: Valentine’s Day is just 11 days away! Below are some simple, inexpensive ideas that you can begin to plan for and implement in your children’s ministry!


  1. Use this children’s message to help kids know that God’s love can wrap us in comfort when we’re feeling down.
  2. Use this Valentine’s Day children’s message to show your children’s ministry kids the depth of God’s love.
  3. This Valentine’s Day Sunday School lesson will teach preteens about God’s loving guidelines.
  4. Use these five experiences to engage kids with God’s grace and care so they’ll never forget His love for them.
  5. This FREE preteen Sunday School lesson for Valentine’s Day will help kids learn about God’s love.
  6. This FREE preschool Sunday School lesson is designed for Valentine’s Day.
  7. This candy message object lesson is a sweet way to show children the depth of God’s love.
  8. Kids will enjoy this children’s message as they learn to pass on God’s love.
  9. Use this Valentine’s Day kids’ Sunday School lesson to help kids learn to show love to others.
  10. Use this elementary Sunday School lesson to help kids learn about God’s love.


  1. This Valentine’s Day craft and object lesson will show God’s love to someone special.
  2. Use this Valentine’s Day Love Arrow pencil topper to talk about how God is love.
  3. Kids can create this Peekaboo Hearts Valentine craft just bursting with love.
  4. Give your congregation an opportunity to pray for the children in your ministry this Valentine’s Day with this craft.
  5. Kids can create this necklace to share each bead of love with family and friends.
  6. This Valentine Hug Craft for preschoolers will make a great gift for parents or grandparents.
  7. Help little ones create this keepsake handprint heart for Valentine’s Day.
  8. Here is a free printable to make a Proverbs 3:5 Valentine card … and four other great ideas!
  9. Here is a free printable to make a glow stick Valentine card … and four other great ideas!
  10. What child doesn’t love a panda bear? And this one is made out of hearts!
  11. Kids can make friendship stickers with hidden messages to encourage others.
  12. The dots on this Valentine’s Day card are made with a pencil eraser. Easy peasy for kids.
  13. Heart Sheep card will say Happy Valentine’s Day to Mom from craftymorning.com.
  14. Here is a no-mess Valentine craft for preschoolers from sundayfamily.com.
  15. Kids can make these two thumbprint heart gifts for their families from fun-a-day.com.
  16. Kids can give these heart-shaped paper clips to add some love to paper projects from Sea Lemon.


  1. Use this snack to teach kids that God can fill our hearts through the Holy Spirit.
  2. Kids learn that God’s love is sweeter than ever with these simple, healthy, heart-shaped watermelon drops.
  3. We had a Valentine breakfast to honor our volunteers in February with the theme of “Touching Children’s Hearts.”
  4. Here’s a hearty snack for Valentine’s Day that kids will love to make in your children’s ministry!
  5. Help kids understand that God wants us to hold Jesus in our hearts with these cupcakes.


  1. Encourage your church to give the children in your ministry a Prayer Valentine.
  2. Kids can create this gift bag to share God’s love with others.
  3. Use John 3:16 to create this meaningful bulletin board from mpmschoolsupplies.com.
  4. Use American Sign Language and kids’ hands to share love from busymommymedia.com.
  5. Have a Valentine’s party focused on encouraging kids to love one another as God loves them.
  6. Add a growing tree of hearts to your classroom.
  7. Sponsor a secret Valentine program for your entire church each year.
  8. Lead kids in this game of Heart Tag to learn about God’s love.
  9. Use this Hidden in the Heart activity, a bulletin board craft idea, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  10. This is a great glowing gift from or to teachers from firstgradewithacherryontop.blogspot.com.
  11. This Love Each Other song is a fun and musical activity that will teach your preschoolers to love their neighbors.
  12. Use this activity for Valentine’s Day to help kids know they’re special and loved.

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