Our mission is to inspire Christians to advance Christ’s Kingdom by making gifts through the Baptist Foundation of Maryland/Delaware (BFMD) to support the benevolent and missionary enterprises of the BCM/D and to manage those gifts to preserve and perpetuate the giver’s Christian witness.

The Baptist Foundation of Maryland/Delaware (BFMD) acknowledges that God is creator and owner of all wealth. As stewards, we must faithfully invest our lives, including our financial wealth, in ways that honor God and advance His Kingdom. The Baptist Foundation is your innovative and trustworthy partner in managing the resources with which God has entrusted you.


The Baptist Foundation of Maryland and Delaware began as the Baltimore Baptist Church Extension Society on January 2, 1854, with the express purpose to secure lots within the city of Baltimore in suitable locations for building churches or Sabbath school.

For the next 137 years, the Church Extension Society of MD/DE, as it was later known as, was committed to planting and developing churches. The practical work of this group included helping churches buy land, erect buildings, and retire troublesome construction debts through low cost loans and outright grants.

Another antecedent of the current foundation, the Baptist Foundation of Maryland, was established in 1959 to raise funds, invest and manage those funds, and distribute the proceeds according to the donors wishes. Through the years it provided scholarships for future missionaries and pastors, and contributed substantial sums to mission causes in Maryland, Delaware, and the Northeast.

The long standing evangelistic and missions commitment of these two distinct bodies were united on January 1, 1991, to form the Baptist Foundation of Maryland and Delaware.

To view a copy of the Foundation’s most recent audited financial statements, 2019BaptistFoundationAudit.

Programs Offered

Funding Opportunities


Strengthening Churches Grants Funds are made available to assist in projects designed to expand the outreach and ministry of churches in existence three years or more.


The Baptist Foundation has loans available for churches.


Scholarships are offered for Seminary education, Mission education, Girls’ camps on a first-come, first-served basis.

Church Planting

Contact the Church Planting office for information on how to start a church.