Ministry Coaching

A long-term, relationally-based, covenant-directed process helping pastors and leaders discern and follow through on God’s direction to them.

Type of coaching:

  • A Coaching Conversation – one-time, one-hour conversation with one of our qualified coaches. You set the subject, we ask the questions, you discern your next steps and articulate them as action plans.
  • Consultative Coaching – you invite a BCM/D coach, based on their area of expertise, to consult with you about a specific need in your church.
  • Coaching Covenant* – you enter a 3-6 month covenant with one of our qualified/certified coaches. The relationship is about your goals and your growth; about you discovering insights from God; about your questions; and your actions. You bring the topics (anything from ministry to marriage/family to soul care) to the conversation. Covenant Coaching is not therapy, training, or mentoring – it is coaching!

* depending on your choice for a coach, some minor costs could be incurred

Theological Education/Ministry Preparation Consulting

Consultation services helping current and future vocational ministers from the churches of our Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network to wade through the complicated waters of ministry preparation options in the 21st century.

Carefully crafted questions are used to help you assess the unique circumstances around which you will build a strategy for ministry preparation. A variety of you-specific options are reviewed to help you narrow your choices.

Type of options:

  • Online schools (certificates, undergraduate/graduate degrees)
  • Local schools
  • National institutions