Pastoral Care & Conflict Mediation

Provides assessment and intervention for churches and church leadership who are experiencing transitional issues or conflict at any level.

It also provides consultation to develop strategies to prevent conflict. Initial subsidized fees help to make this service affordable.

Types of Events

  • Small group and church-wide interventions
  • One-to-one interventions
  • Staff retreats and consultation

Churches of Refuge

This ministry is for pastors who have experienced a forced termination from their church and need a time to heal from the pain and re-tool their skills for future ministry.

Types of Events

  •  Attending a Ministering to Ministers week- long retreat with one’s spouse
  • Personal or marital counseling for up to six months
  • Personal mentoring from a pastor in a church that provides temporary employment and
    a contribution from the Network for up to $500 per month for up to six months towards this employment