Thank you for your willingness to assist our friends in Texas and Florida who have been devastated by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. To keep you informed, please note the following updates (listed with most recent updates at the top):

Update (September 21, 2017): A great testimony!

Great story of how God is working through disaster relief volunteers! Rick Merritt of Lynnhaven Baptist Church shares Christ with Jose, a Florida resident affected by Hurricane Irma.

Update (September 20, 2017): FBC, Immokalee, Fla., video interview

Pastor Timothy Pigg of First Baptist Church, Immokalee, Fla., interviews Doug DuBois, BCM/D’s state director of disaster relief about all the relief efforts taking place in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Update (September 20, 2017): First Baptist, Laurel, donation drive

First Baptist Church, Laurel, at 15000 First Baptist Lane, Laurel, Md., through its Ready Church Project, and the City of Laurel have organized a collection drive to be held on October 7, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., to benefit hurricane victims. Monetary donations will support the purchase of Crisis Support Buckets, in coordination with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, for victims in Florida and Texas. Pet monetary donations will support the HOPE Animal Crisis Response (877-HOPE-K9s). Participants may also donate materials for health/hygiene kits to be distributed as needed. Include in a two gallon zip-lock bag (whatever size the items will fit into is fine) or a 14 x 12 drawstring, cloth bag, the following items: A large bath towel, large comb (no rat tail combs), wash cloth, shampoo (full size), toothbrush (adult), soap (full size bar), toothpaste (large) and deodorant. See flyer here.  

Update (September 19, 2017): On location in Florida, Pt. 2

Doug DuBois shares the latest disaster relief efforts from First Baptist Church, Immokalee, Fla.

Update (September 19, 2017): On location in Florida, Pt. 1

BCM/D’s Doug DuBois shares the set up for disaster relief efforts in Florida. #HurricaneIrma

Update (September 18, 2017): Video Update

State Director of Disaster Relief Doug DuBois, pulling a shower unit in Florida, shares an update regarding disaster relief in Florida and Texas. Stay tuned for frequent Facebook video updates.

Update (September 16, 2017): Deployment to Florida

All of our units have been deployed to FBC Immokalee in Florida. Please keep all of our 35+ volunteers and their travel in your prayers. It is looking like we will be in this area for the next few weeks or more.

From Doug DuBois: As of today, 9:48 am, I have a laundry unit leaving tonight at 5:00 pm and arriving at the church tomorrow afternoon. I have a feeding team (possibly the feeding unit) and one recovery unit departing tomorrow morning at 6:00 am and should arrive ready to begin assessment and work on Monday mid-morning. The other three recovery units and teams will leave on Sunday and will arrive Monday evening. All units will have complete teams. I also am lining up teams for replacement starting Sunday the 24th. I am personally bringing our shower unit and will arrive also late Monday. I am following up last just in case there are any mechanical problems with any units on their trip.”

Thank you to the following units that are deploying:

Lynnhaven Baptist – a recovery unit & our BCMD feeding unit
Potomac Baptist Association – recovery unit
Blue Ridge Baptist Association – recovery unit
BCMD – recovery unit
FBC Upper Marlboro – laundry unit
Ocean City Baptist – Shower unit
Baltimore Baptist Association – feeding team

Update (September 13, 2017): Call for volunteers

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: According to Doug DuBois, BCM/D State Disaster Relief Director, between 50 – 75 Maryland/Delaware volunteers a week for the next month will be needed for deployment to regions affected by recent hurricanes. Deployments are set to begin on the Sept. 17, and so far, all 9 of the BCM/D’s DR units are prepared to deploy. Right now, there are only enough volunteers to fully team and deploy one or two units. If you are able to deploy, please visit online at to complete or create a profile, watch an introductory training video, and await instructions. If you have any problems, please contact Niki Taylor at

Update (September 9, 2017): Deployment notification

From Doug DuBois (

“Brothers & sisters, I am sending out this deployment notification in order to fill the teams that will deploy on or around Sunday, September 17th.

We have unit leaders in place for each of our BCMD Disaster Relief units and will need volunteers for chaplains, recovery/mud-out, feeding, shower, & laundry.

We are asking teams to commit to serving for one week at a time at a minimum, beginning on Sunday, September 17th. This would mean that the first set of volunteers would deploy with their unit on or around the 17th and could return on Sunday the 24th. We would plan to send relief teams to fill those spots as the first set of volunteers came home. This schedule of replacing volunteers with relief volunteers could continue through October as we meet the needs of those affected by the hurricanes.

As for the location of the deployment, we are unsure of the exact location at this time. However, the BCMD Disaster Relief units have already been asked to deploy, and we are just waiting for a location to serve.

If you can commit to serving on a team starting on the 17th, please let us know by replying to your text or email. If you can serve on a team in the coming weeks, please respond by logging into your profile and choosing a team in the Deployments section.

Once we assign you to a team, your unit leader will be in touch to provide you with the details on departure dates, travel arrangements, and location of your deployment.

Thanks very much for your willingness to serve and I pray that through our serving, many would place their faith in Christ.

Doug DuBois
BCMD State Director of Disaster Relief”

Update (September 2, 2017): How are donations handled?

BCM/D’s Disaster Relief Director Doug DuBois discusses the handling of Hurricane Harvey donations with CFO/COO Tom Stolle:

Update (August 31, 2017): Collection of material donations

In addition to financial donations, the BCM/D has set up three collection centers for material donations, which will be delivered to Fredonia Hill Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, Texas, a partner SBC church who now is regularly bringing supplies into the areas devastated by the storm.

Beginning Sept. 9, the following items can be donated on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at these three collection sites:

— Skycroft Conference Center, 9621 Frostown Rd, Middletown, MD 21769

— Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, 35 Sylmar Road, Rising Sun, MD 21911

— Baptist Mission Resource Center, 10255 Old Columbia Rd, Columbia, MD 21046

Here are some items your family can bring:

  • Adult diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Children’s diapers
  • Dog and cat food
  • Female products
  • First aid items
  • Gatorade
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Large trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Sandwich baggies
  • Sleeping bags
  • Snacks (individually wrapped)
  • Thin bed mats
  • Toilet paper
  • Toiletries
  • Water (gallons/bottles)

Thank you for your donations!

New and returning disaster relief volunteers can access training at

Update (August 31, 2017): Download bulletin insert

Want to show your congregation how to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey? The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware offers a downloadable two-sided bulletin insert in both color and black/white for your use on Sunday. Click here for this resource.

Update (August 30, 2017): Where to give

State Disaster Relief directors were advised that volunteers and units may be deployed, by request, starting next week, but it is fluid due to the amount of flooding and damage that is preventing access to the area. Currently, the Disaster Relief teams from the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Texas Baptist Men, and the North American Mission Board are only focused on Search and Recovery Tier 1 Emergency services. Until further notice, they are asking people to hold off all donations of items, because they still are unable to logistically handle them. FEMA has delivered tractor trailer loads full of water, so there is no need for fresh water donations at this time. Basically, until the water recedes, the best way to respond is to send Walmart gift cards or financial donations (accepted through the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware or directly to the Texas Baptist Men who is actively involved in the situation.

Update (August 28, 2017): Current conditions

AT THIS TIME, BECAUSE OF CONTINUED RAIN AND UNSAFE CONDITIONS… no Southern Baptist Disaster Relief team is able to deploy to Texas. Presently, only military and select first responders, as needed, have been allowed access to the area.

The emergency management teams from Texas and Louisiana are asking those who want to help to be patient until conditions improve. Due to the amount of damage that Hurricane Harvey has caused, deployments will be long-term rather than immediate. Volunteers may not be permitted until mid-September.

NAMB updates (ongoing)

Please note the following bulletin updates from the North American Mission Board’s SEND Relief efforts:

Send Relief Bulletin Sep 8 2017

Send Relief Bulletin Sep 9 2017

Send Relief Bulletin Sep 10 2017

Send Relief Bulletin Sep 11 2017

Send Relief Bulletin Sep 12 2017


In addition, consider these other four ways you can help now:


The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is calling all Christians to pray for our neighbors suffering from the ravages of this disaster. As Frank S. Page, SBC Executive Committee president and CEO, said in a statement, “Our prayers go out to the people of Texas in the massive flooding and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Our Baptist disaster relief units will be the first on the scene to minister in a variety of ways. I call on Southern Baptists to pray and be ready to assist through giving and going. God bless Texas.”


Donations to Disaster Relief will help equip volunteers to operate units and provide hot showers, fresh laundry, and nutritious meals. Southern Baptist chaplains will also be in the area to provide spiritual counseling. You can give directly online here, or mail checks to BCM/D, 10255 Old Columbia Road, Columbia, MD 21046. Please designate checks for “Disaster Relief: Hurricane Harvey” or “Disaster Relief: Hurricane Irma”

Sponsor a Crisis Response Bucket

You have two options:

You can donate funds toward NAMB’s Send Relief Crisis Response Buckets, which contain necessities to equip families impacted by disasters. Each bucket contains heavy duty cleaning supplies, protection, and tools for addressing the physical impact on a property resulting from water or wind damage. The easily distributed and durable buckets serve a second purpose as a storage vehicle for valuables. Each bucket costs approximately $50, so any amount you can provide is helpful.

Or you can gather materials for health/hygiene kits to be distributed as needed. Include in a two gallon zip-lock bag (whatever size the items will fit into is fine) or a 14 x 12 drawstring, cloth bag, the following items: A large bath towel, large comb (no rat tail combs), wash cloth, shampoo (full size), toothbrush (adult), soap (full size bar), toothpaste (large) and deodorant. Health Kit Supplies can be brought to the Baptist Resource Mission Center.

Prepare to Deploy

You and your church can begin preparing today to help provide the help that will be needed.

If you have ever served in the past as a disaster relief volunteer, it is important that we have your correct contact information in our Disaster Relief database. Go there to sign up for deployment, view an introductory training video, and await instructions for deployment.

In addition, the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware will hold a Clinical Incident Stress Management (CISM): Assisting Individuals in Crisis training to be led by Dr. Naomi K. Paget, Chaplain and Crisis Interventionist, on Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. It will be held at: South Columbia Baptist Church, 8814 Guilford Road, Columbia, MD 21046.

Register for CISM: Assisting Individuals in Crisis training