AWAKEN is a Church Revitalization Process for pastors of churches on long-term plateau or early decline.

What is the AWAKEN process?

Awaken is a 10-month, covenant journey, with a cohort of other BCMD pastors and churches, that is action oriented. The process is roughly 5 months of content exploration and discovery followed by 5 months of coached implementation.

  • a 2-day, overnight retreat
  • six workshops delivered over 3 days
  • readings, actions, carrying the teachings and experiences to carefully selected leaders in your congregations
  • a strategic process design exercise
  • personal coaching for implementing the plan
  • feedback loops to help monitor progress
  • an ongoing opportunity to join the growing AWAKEN alumni group, building into each other and accessing carefully selected revitalization resources for the ongoing journey of making disciples of Jesus Christ

What will we explore?

  • The Spiritual habit, personal practice and corporate discipline of discernment
  • A comprehensive change cycle
  • Redeeming conflict to honor God’s abiding love for people and devotion to Christ’s mission, while recognizing and responding to any conflict that becomes divisive
  • Leading with courage by instilling courage in the lives of those whom you lead
  • The muck and mire that is sometimes polity, organization, and systems
  • Proven practices for being more externally focused
  • Strategic process design and an externally focused strategic plan


When will we meet?

Dates below reflect placeholders for 2019. Once the Cohort has formed, some adjustments to the dates/times/places could be made by the consensus of the whole group. You are expected to attend all sessions so mark your calendars today.

  • February 18-19 (2:00pm – 2:00pm) – overnight Orientation/Discernment retreat at Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, OC/MD
  • Workshop #1: TBD (on the Eastern Shore)
  • Workshop #2: TBD (on the Eastern Shore)
  • Workshop #3: TBD (on the Eastern Shore)
  • Workshop #4: TBD (on the Eastern Shore)
  • May – September – Pastor/Church Coaching
  • October 10 (10:00am-2:00pm) -Assessment/Next Steps –BCM/D Office, Columbia, MD

What will this cost?

Time: the process, though concentrated into about 10 months – could launch a lifetime journey!

A Covenant: designed by your Church – between you and God, to pursue God’s mission, together

Money:  promotional discounted price (limited to first 15 registrants) = $195; contributing BCMD Churches* = $245.00; non-contributing Churches = $395.00

*contributing Church = a member Church that has contributed something to the BCMD in the last 12 months… Cooperative Program (including the state portion), our State Missions Offering, a designated BCMD offering, etc.