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AWAKEN is a Church Revitalization Process for pastors of churches on long-term plateau or early decline.

Statistics indicate that over 80% of Christian churches in America are on plateau or in decline.  In most instances, long before any numerical stagnation, there was a systems plateau and before that, a plateau of the soul. The BCM/D offers resources and coaching that seeks to address this reality and assist churches in the process of revitalization so that they can get back on track with their kingdom mission. Resources available include, but are not limited to:

Revitalize Bundle

This resource from Thom Rainer’s Church Answers network is a mentor led approach to revitalization that assists pastors to “know yourself, know your church, know your community.” Each pastor works through the process with a mentor who leads them to discover the “one thing” upon which to focus. Working through the Church services department of the BCM/D will enable convention churches to receive deeply discounted rates for this revitalization journey.

Church Revitalization – Biblically based principles for renewed growth

This resource from the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention contains studies for an individual to access and work through at their own pace. Go to  to sign up for an account. After you are approved, you can begin to work through the resources.  In addition, the BCM/D will provide the recommended reading resources needed for completion of these three courses to pastors of cooperating BCM/D churches.

Awaken – A cohort approach to revitalization

Awaken is a 10-month, covenant journey, with a cohort of other BCM/D pastors and churches, that is action oriented. The process is roughly 5 months of content exploration and discovery followed by 5 months of coached implementation. Cohorts are regionally based and move around the convention from year to year.

In addition, there are a number of other revitalization tools that BCM/D Church Service consultants can make available to churches to help them in the process of revitalization.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. Contact information for assistance in Church Revitalization is found to the left of this page.

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