Join fellow BCM/D bible teachers to hear from and dialogue with nationally-known preaching leaders, and to strengthen your teaching and preaching skills in various genres of Scripture.

Each conference will focus on a different aspect of expounding God’s inexhaustible Word. Register today and join us to discuss the essential task of pastors, Sunday School teachers, and small group leaders — rightly dividing and declaring the whole counsel of God.


Dr. Ken Keathley

Dr. Ken Keathley: SEBTS, Senior Professor of Theology
Ken Keathley is currently serving as Professor of Theology and Director of the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest. Ken graduated from Southeastern with a Master of Divinity and a Ph.D. in Theology. A native Missourian who came to Christ at the age of 17, he has served as Youth Pastor, Interim Pastor, or Senior Pastor of churches in Missouri, the Carolinas and Louisiana. Ken and his wife, Penny, live in Wake Forest. They have two children – Matt and Allison. Matt and his wife, Deana, have two children.

Dr. Dominick Hernández: SBTS, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation
Dr. Hernández is an Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Southern Seminary. He also serves as the Director of the seminary’s Online Hispanic Program. Dr. Hernández completed his PhD in Hebrew Bible at Bar-Ilan University (Ramat Gan, Israel) where he was trained in Semitic Philology. Dr. Hernández teaches on an array of topics including biblical wisdom, ancient Near Eastern literature, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr. Hernández is deeply invested in the academic community in which he continues to research, write, and present at scholarly conferences. Dr. Hernández is committed to the church, having served in English, Spanish, and Hebrew-language ministries in the United States and abroad. Dr. Hernández currently preaches and gives seminars relating to the Old Testament, Jewish holidays, and Second Temple period Judaism at conferences and in congregations.

KEVIN SMITH, Executive Director, Baptist Convention of Maryland/ Delaware

Kevin Smith: Executive Director of the BCM/D
Dr. Kevin Smith leads the staff of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware. He has experience as a pastor, chaplain, church planter, conference speaker, and short-term missionary. He has studied at Hampton University, the Church of God Theological Seminary, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, subsequently serving on Southern’s faculty for over a decade.

Mark Dooley: State Director of Evangelism
As the state director of evangelism Dooley brings over 34 years of ministerial and pastoral experience to the position. In addition to his ministry as pastor of Leonardtown Baptist Church, he served several terms on the BCM/D General Mission Board (GMB) and is a past GMB president. Recently, Dooley served on the Southern Baptist Convention committee on nominations. On the associational level, he served on several committees with the Potomac Baptist Association. He is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, earning a Master of Divinity.

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Dr. Dominick Hernández :
View videos from the April preaching roundtables.

Dr. Ken Keathley:
-August 27 – Online (7:00 PM – 9:00 PM)     Topic: Theology in Seminal Form in Genesis
-August 29 – Online (9:00 AM – 11:00 AM)    Topic: Messianic Expectations in the Old Testament

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