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Peculiar People is a podcast produced by the BCM/D to strengthen and encourage the saints in Maryland and Delaware. Our hope and prayer is, through listening to the podcast, you will be equipped as a believer in Jesus Christ and challenged to live a life of fruitful ministry.

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“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light” -1 Peter 2:9


Episode Transcripts

#26: Man Up! | Dr. Anthony Bradley

Men and boys are often neglected in our conversations about demographic ministry. They shouldn’t be. Listen in as Dr. Anthony Bradley discusses the importance of pastoring, discipling, and caring for men in our churches.

#25: Revitalization with Larry Davis and Dan Wilson

Many churches are in need of revitalization. But, what does that look like? Listen in as Pastor Larry Davis and Pastor Dan Wilson talk about their church revitalization story at Grace Seaford in Delaware.

#24: Multi-Racial Christian Marriage

Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Francisco and Nicole Rivera. Francisco and Nicole and members at the Village Church in Baltimore and are a mixed-race couple who have faced interesting but rewarding challenges. 

#23: Pastoring Unity in Churches

Recently, Dr. Smith interviewed Pastor Larry Lin of the Village Church in Hampden. Pastor Lin discussed cultivating unity, diversity, inclusion, and holiness in our churches.

#22: Pastoring and COVID-19 Restrictions

Several months ago, we spoke with two Anne Arundel County pastors, Jon Brewer of Lake Shore Baptist Church and Dennis Gray of Riva Trace Baptist Church, about pastoring and respecting governing authorities during the rapidly changing and often confusing challenges presented by COVID-19.

#21: Why Am I Southern Baptist?

We are often asked, “Why should I want to affiliate with the SBC?” While there are countless advantages and disadvantages of affiliating with a denomination, Dr. Kevin Smith provides some of the reasons that he is personally committed to the Southern Baptist Convention. 

#20: Pastoral Depression

Listen in as Pastor Brian Moss discusses depression and anxiety in pastors and some ways in which pastors can seek help and healing from mental health issues.

#19: Quarrels and the Future of the SBC

Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Bart Barber of FBC Farmersville in Texas. Pastor Barber has served in various capacities in the Southern Baptist Convention and provides us with an even-keeled perspective on the SBC.

#18: Christians in Law

We have seen vocational diversity in the Church from the New Testament era to our modern day. Having brothers and sisters serving in various fields of influence enables us to gain valuable insights and have a distinctly Christian voice from all different walks of life. Listen in as Dr. Smith and attorney Kathryn Freeman discuss various political, judicial, and biblical issues.

#17: Pastor and Politician | Pastor James Gailliard

Recently, Dr. Smith spoke with Pastor James Gailliard of Word Tabernacle in Rocky Mount, NC. Pastor Gailliard serves his local district in the North Carolina General Assembly. Take a listen to hear from Pastor Gailliard’s unique perspective as an elected official who serves as a Southern Baptist Pastor.

#16: What Pastors Wish You Knew

Over the past year, we have seen an alarming number of individuals struggling with depression and mental illness.

But is this a new issue, or an old one that we are just starting to recognize? Listen as Michael Crawford and Dan Hyun discuss the important topic of mental health in ministry. 

#15: The Dynamic Challenges of Christian Parenting

Parenting is always difficult. But being in ministry presents additional challenges that can be overwhelming. Listen in as Pastor Chris Davis and his wife Morgan discuss some of the dynamic challenges of Christian parenting.

#14: Teaching from Genesis with Dr. Ken Keathley

Listen in as Dr. Ken Keathley of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary discusses some important aspects of understanding and teaching the Book of Genesis. 

#13: Christian Unity and Politics

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Joel Carwile of First Baptist Church in Athens, Alabama. Listen in as Dr. Smith and Dr. Carwile discuss how to engage in political discourse while maintaining authentic Christian unity.  

#12: Mental Health in Pastoral Ministry

It is important to remember that our pastors are people. They are vulnerable to the same challenges and struggles as congregation members. Michael Crawford and Tally Wilgis recently discussed some of the challenges that pastors face regarding mental health and managing high-expectations.

#11: Preaching and Evangelism with Dr. Merritt

Recently, we had Dr. James Merritt on the podcast to discuss the importance of preaching and evangelism in our churches and communities. Listen in for some practical and compelling truth with regard to living out the Great Commission.

#10: Injustice, Culture, and History

Dr. Kevin Smith recently spoke with Dr. Anthony Bradley, professor at The King’s College in New York City, about racial injustice, and the historical context of some of the current events happening around our country. 

#9: Pastoral Reflections on Longevity, Relational I.Q., and Unity

Listen in as Dr. Smith and Pastor John Jenkins of FBC Glenarden discuss cultural engagement, Paul/Timothy Relationships, and unity in the Kingdom of God.

#8: Church Multiplication

Listen to Michael Crawford and Pastor Jeremy Dickson of Freedom Church Baltimore discuss church multiplication from the planting church’s perspective.

#7 Interview with Dr. Paul Chitwood

Dr. Kevin Smith sat down with President of the IMB Dr. Paul Chitwood. Dr. Chitwood discussed the various challenges faced by the IMB and its missionaries during the global pandemic and the ways that God has continued to be faithful.

#6 Teaching from the Old Testament

In an interview with Dr. Kevin Smith, Dr. Dominick S. Hernández of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary shared some of his thoughts and expertise on teaching from the Old Testament.

#5 Mental Health in Ministry

Dr. Tom Rodgerson, a counselor at CentrePointe Counseling and assistant professor in the department of pastoral counseling at Loyola University in Maryland, has been meeting with clergy for almost 30 years.

#4 The Balm of Gilead

It’s extremely important that we all consider how we approach the topic of mental health. Dr. Bergina Isbell, a Christian psychiatrist, sits down with Michael Crawford, the BCM/D’s State Director of Missions, to discuss this important area.

#3 Foreign Missions in Our Backyard

Peculiar People is a podcast produced by the BCM/D. Our goal is to provide relevant content to strengthen believers in MD/DE and equip the saints for fruitful ministry.

#2 What Women Wish You Knew

In this episode, Michael Crawford discusses the importance of training and developing women in our congregations. Transcript Michael Crawford: Hello,

#1 The Decline of Cultural Christianity

In this episode, Dr. Smith sits down with Dr. Thom Rainer to discuss doing ministry in a post-Christian culture. Transcript