Meet DBA Moderator Dave Aubrey

Editor’s note: This month, we’ll share stories by and about believers and churches in the Delaware Baptist Association. Our first is a Q&A with DBA Moderator Dave Aubrey. The Rev. Aubrey also serves as the pastor of New City Church in Dover, Delaware.

BL: Please share a bit about yourself and your family

DA: I’m an upstate New York native with ties to Malone, Brushton, and Liverpool (Syracuse area). My father is a Southern Baptist pastor, and both my mom and dad have served with the Baptist Convention of New York. My father-in-law was a Southern Baptist pastor for over 30 years, so ministry and the SBC run deep in my veins. I earned a bachelor’s degree in worship leadership from Liberty University and an MDiv in Christian Leadership at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

My wife, Abigail, and I have been married seven years this July and have two wonderful children, four-year-old Charlotte and two-year-old Emerson.

BL How did you come to the Lord? (spiritual journey)

DA: Growing up in a Christian home was a huge blessing. I am certainly grateful to God for His kindness in allowing me to have a Christ-centered family and Spirit-filled church. I made a profession of faith as a young boy and was baptized shortly thereafter; however, it was right after my college years when I really experienced God’s transforming grace in new and powerful ways. God put some amazing people around me that helped me better understand the Scriptures and what it means to live a joyful, holy life.

BL: Each association has its own culture – how would you describe the DBA?

DA: Our association has a diverse culture. There is a legitimate cultural difference between Newcastle County and Kent County. So the way each of our local churches contextualizes their community looks a little different. It is quite beautiful because God has placed amazing leadership in these churches with specific gifts and passions to be able to reach their local community. However diverse some of our communities may be, there is a strong unity among our pastors in the power and primacy of the gospel. We have a strong friendship and partnership in our association which is important. If we want to reach Delaware with the good news of Jesus, then we are going to do it together! God gives a variety of gifts to His church, and we intend on deploying all of them into our culture for His glory!

BL: How has God been blessing the Delaware Association?

DA: We have seen some recent growth in the last several years. Several of our churches have been seeing numerous conversions and baptisms. Some new churches have joined the association, and some strong new churches are being planted. There has also been an increase in fellowship and partnership among our brothers and sisters. Additionally, we implemented a new program that allows men and women who feel called to various areas of ministry to receive support from our association. We currently have five people pursuing ministry, or further education, that are being invested in by their local church and our association. We have also seen some wonderful advances in our ministry at the University of Delaware.

BL: What are Some Challenges?

DA: Our challenges aren’t necessarily different from other local associations. We are each seeking to be led by the Spirit of God to know how to best minister to the hurt and pain all around us as well as political controversy, war, famine, natural disasters, poverty, abuse, racism, broken homes, culture’s effect on our children, etc. Each church is uniquely and sovereignly placed to meet these challenges according to God’s leading. We are comforted that the LORD is indeed our Shepherd, and therefore, He has given us everything we need to minister faithfully in this present day and time.

BL: How can we pray for you and the association?

DA: Pray for young folks pursuing ministry. Pray for our pastors and church leaders to be faithful and protected from the enemy and sin. Pray for our churches to be faithful witnesses to our communities. Pray for deep unity between our churches. Pray for our new church plants. Pray for more churches to be planted. Pray for conversions! Pray for endurance.