Letters From Camp: Grace McGraw

Editor’s note: We asked several students from Maryland/Delaware churches to share their experiences from Crossings Camp at Skycroft Conference Center (SCC) this year. This is one of several we’ll feature over the next few weeks.

I attended Crossings at SCC in July. My favorite part of camp was probably “God and Culture.” It was a circuit where we had many interesting conversations about being a Christian in an ungodly world and setting our own standards, not the ones other people give us. I also really enjoyed my free time (because there was a lot to do) and the “adventure” circuit, where we did the confidence courses and trust falls.

I got really close to God that week because the pastor made the Bible feel alive. He made the people seem real, and he gave them backstories. He also told us a bunch of cool facts that I had never heard before. However, the greatest part of camp was small groups. Our church got together and talked over what we had learned. It was awkward the first day, but after that, we grew comfortable confiding in each other. I learned a lot about living as a Christian while still being a part of this world.

The funniest things that happened at Skycroft are now stories I will never forget. One time, some of the guys tried to do a leg workout. Apparently, the top bunk wasn’t enough weight for them to push up, so they got one of the kids to sit on it. They accidentally dislodged one of the tiles, and then the bunk collapsed! There were also several pranks, including bunks being dragged into woods (not advised!), sneak attacks, and a counselor jumping around while wearing a frog mask (that’s a whole other story!). Finally, there was one time when we were playing gaga ball, and I somehow beat out three guys twice my size and won the game!

Of course, we got sugar highs and caffeine crashes. One night, we stayed up until 2 a.m. talking to a girl who believed in evolution! And another day, we climbed into a pickup truck and drove around the camp screaming our team chant for anyone who could hear. Color Wars, when your church goes against other churches in competitions, was really fun. Unfortunately, my friends and I lost our voices by the third day. In conclusion, every day at Skycroft brings a new surprise.

You are guaranteed to get closer to everyone around you very quickly, and everything is so much fun. Especially worship, when we get to do the “church clap dance.” And I didn’t even mention the coffee shop, or the ice cream, or the pool, or the paintball!

Skycroft is an amazing place where I think everyone needs to go at least once in their life. You are never bored, and the food is way better than you would think. I can tell you this: No one wanted to leave.

Grace McGraw is in ninth grade and attends Redland Baptist Church.

Cover photo: Grace McGraw made memories she will never forget at SCC.

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