While everyone is invited to attend the sessions at no charge, there are guidelines for the number of voting messengers each church may send to conduct convention business. Please read the following excerpt from our convention’s Constitution (Article III).

From the BCM/D Constitution and Bylaws

Article III • Membership

Section 1—The membership of this Convention will consist of messengers who are members of Baptist churches which are in friendly cooperation with this Convention and sympathetic with its purpose and work, and which have during the preceding 12 months (October 1 through September 30) been bona fide contributors to the work of this Convention.

Section 2—Each cooperating Baptist church will be entitled to two (2) messengers; each cooperating church exceeding fifty (50) members will then be given one additional messenger for each additional fifty (50) members or part thereof; or one additional messenger for each $750 contributed to the work of this Convention through the Cooperative Program until the maximum of thirty (30) is reached.

Section 3—Messengers to this Convention will be certified by their churches. This Convention will be the final judge of election and qualifications of its members.

Section 4—The officers of this Convention, the employed staff of this Convention, and its agencies may be messengers provided they are elected by the church in which they hold membership.

Our Annual Report is available here for more information.

Messenger cards are sent to churches for those whom they elect to serve in this capacity. If you need additional cards, please call 1.800.466.5290, Ext. 202. Please have the cards filled in and signed by your church clerk or moderator when you arrive to register. Each messenger will receive a Book of Reports related to the Convention sessions at registration.