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Girls Camp

July 8 - July 13


July 8
July 13


Camp Wo-Me-To
1200 Knopp Road
Jarrettsville, MD 21084 United States
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Life on the Edge


Enjoying a challenging hike up an elevation is so rewarding. During the journey up, your feet rub on the backs of your boots, creating blisters. During the journey down, your toes crowd up in the front of your boots. But you forget all of that when you reach that point when the trees clear, when you see an animal in the wild, or when you take in a view of a waterfall or glacial lake. God’s creation is so magnificent to take in on a hike. The air is different as you behold your surroundings from a new perspective.

I have many memories of unforgettable hikes. But perhaps the most horrifying happened when I was just a child on a family hike through Kentucky. My brother and sister were just toddlers. It seemed like we were off course. The sun was setting. We were up really high on a rocky cliff. Looking down you could see the treetops, but they were really far away. My dad went ahead of us to clear the path. My siblings and I sat on a log as he walked my mom over a steep grade. Things were uncertain in that moment. My dad took my mom across, then my brother, and then my sister. I sat on that log alone as it grew darker. The log was shifting underneath me. The rocks under my feet were coming loose and falling way down in the valley. I did not know if I was going to be able to move off that log. Finally, my dad came to help me cross. It was truly a hike on the edge.

But it serves as an illustration for living a missional lifestyle. Sometimes, you feel off course. You get up high and can only see things far in the distance. You say goodbye to your family. You feel alone and uncertain. You see the dangers and the risks. You don’t know if you have the strength to get where you need to go. But Christ is there to give us the strength to do everything we need to do.

This summer, campers will explore how living a “Life on the Edge” means to make God-honoring choices, regardless of the impossibilities, the risks, the dangers, and the moments. They will learn what it means to say with confidence, “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13 NLT).

Teaching Plans

Day 1: God Is With You

  • Bible Study: Life on the Edge with Moses in Egypt. God is with you no matter what you are going through. Moses could do the impossible because the Lord gave him the strength to do it.
  • Mission Study: Life on the Edge in Canada. Holly Procita is making Jesus known to others.
  • Devotional: I know God is with me.

Day 2: Follow Jesus

  • Bible Study: Life on the Edge Following Jesus. Jesus is calling you to follow Him. The disciples faced all kinds of risks as followers of Christ, but the Lord gave them the strength to do it.
  • Mission Study: Life on the Edge in Central Asia. Phoebe Scott is following Jesus to serve as a missionary where people have never heard about Jesus.
  • Devotional: I will follow Jesus.

Day 3: Put Your Faith in the Lord

  • Bible Study: Life on the Edge for Joseph. Faith is putting your hope in the Lord. Joseph faced many dangers, but God was always directing his path and giving him the strength to do it.
  • Mission Study: Life on the Edge in Utah. Travis and Staci Kerns are sharing their faith with others.
  • Devotional: I will put my hope in the Lord.

Day 4: Choose What Is Better

  • Bible Study: Life on the Edge at Home with Mary and Martha. Jesus wants you to listen to him. Mary and Martha learned to focus on what really mattered in one moment with Jesus because the Lord gave them the strength to do it.
  • Mission Study: Life on the Edge in Peru. Amy Fisher is helping others listen to Jesus.
  • Devotional: I will choose what is better.

Here is a summary of the three components that are included:

Bible Studies

Bible studies will encourage campers to understand what the Bible says. They will discover some of the most adventurous stories in the Bible, when God’s people and Christ’s followers were living their lives on the edge. Each study can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour. Each study contains active, hands-on activities to teach a Bible story, memory verse, and life application, as well as a prayer time.

Mission Studies

Mission Studies will explore how missionaries have dedicated their lives to a “Life on the Edge” as they go and share their faith in mountainous and adventurous locations around the world. Each missionary tells a story about relying on the Lord for strength to do everything they must do to share their faith with the people they serve. Each study can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour. Activities communicate stories from the missions field, create cultural awareness, and challenge campers to live a missional lifestyle.

The Devotion Guide helps campers review and build upon what they learned in the Bible and Mission Studies. Campers will work individually or as a small group to answer personal questions that will help them think about Scripture in a personal way. They will examine the daily memory verse more in-depth, as well as pray and listen to the Lord. They will also learn an additional story from each featured missionary.

Writer: Libby Quigg

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