Breakfast With Ed and Kathy Litton

MIDDLETOWN, Md. — Ed Litton, the 46th president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), and his wife, Kathy, will visit with Maryland/Delaware pastors, their wives, and church leaders and members on Dec. 4 at Skycroft Conference Center. The couple will fellowship over breakfast, and then Ed will share about the state of the SBC. Kathy will share about “The Healthy Soul of a Pastor’s Wife.”

Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware Interim Executive Director Mark Dooley said he’s excited about the couple’s visit. “Ed Litton is a good brother and has had a faithful ministry for years,” he expressed.

Litton, the pastor of Redemption Church in Saraland, Alabama, was elected president at the 2021 SBC annual meeting in Nashville, succeeding J.D. Greear.

In a June 2021 Baptist Press article, Scott Barkley, national correspondent for Baptist Press, quoted Litton. “‘We are a family, and at times we may seem dysfunctional,’ said Litton, referring to tensions that roiled the SBC in the months leading up to the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting. ‘But we love each other …’’’

In the same article, Barkley recorded Litton’s sharing about his family background. A Southern Baptist pastor in Virginia kept witnessing to his alcoholic father until one day, everything in his father’s life unraveled “like a cheap sweater.”

“‘My dad cried out to God as this pastor led him in a prayer to trust Christ as his Savior,’ Litton testified. ‘And we watched in my house as a miracle took place.’”

Dooley noted, “Many SBC presidents have been inaccessible over the years, but Ed Litton has already, in a few short months, proven that he desires to be accessible. We are thankful that we have this opportunity to dialogue with him.”

Following their respective presentations, the Littons will lead Q&A sessions.

Tickets are free but limited. Register online. For questions about the event, contact Mark Dooley. For registration questions, contact Rosalie Chesley.

A Personal Glimpse of Ed and Kathy Litton

In June 2020, Haven City Church in Baltimore, Lead Pastor Josh Turansky and North American Mission Board Senior Director of Church Replanting Mark Clifton interviewed Ed and Kathy Litton on their Church Planting podcast. The couple shared about their personal lives, including how they both lost previous spouses in car accidents and how God has held them and brought them together following the tragedies. Listen to the podcast here