Called to GO? IMB Wants to Send!
For those wondering if the International Mission Board has a place for them to serve into the Revelation 7:9 vision, the answer is probably yes! If an individual is Southern Baptist and aligned theologically with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, the IMB wants to help them discover how they can advance the kingdom.
Top IMB Story Staff Picks for 2021
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Redland Church Adopts Afghan Refugee Families
Over 30 members are significantly involved, and the whole church is supportive. “It’s like a mini-revival,” said Outreach Minister Peggy Peek.
Believers Partner for Christmas Outreach
This Christmas season, believers from Southeast Asia and the United States are partnering to share the gospel with thousands of people in Thailand through the simple gift of a handmade stocking stuffed with a Bible story booklet.
First Person: I’m Asking For It
In this season, when I am meeting with many state conventions and associations, God has directed me to Romans 10:8-15. Paul’s
Youth Mobilized Through GO IMPACT
The International Mission Board (IMB) is introducing the GO IMPACT program for teens. It’s an avenue for youth groups to
Bible Storying Changed Seni’s Life
Behind the Lens: How Bible Storying Changed Seni’s Life For several years, I have been documenting the work of West Africans
FBC Laurel Creates International Legacy
The seven believers who started First Baptist Church of Laurel (FBCL) on Dec. 17, 1891, couldn’t have fathomed what God
Kenya — a Legacy of Partnership Missions
The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D) has a rich history of partnership missions. In 2019, the BCM/D began a partnership
3 SBC Leaders Reflect on 9/11
As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, three Southern Baptists leaders who held significant leadership roles on Sept. 11,
Kids’ Pool Signals Baptism
Kids’ pool inside signals baptism, this time for first known believer in Southeast Asian village A children’s pool set up
Church Receives IMB Prayer Requests for Afghanistan
Nathan Kaspar, the pastor of Towne Baptist Church in Joppa, contacted the International Mission Board (IMB), asking how to pray