Hospitality House in Central Asia Meets Needs
Snow shuts down half of this Central Asian province in the winter. Where a person is when the immobilizing snow hits is where they will be until the spring. This inability to travel has dangerous and sometimes deadly consequences for people living in remote areas who need healthcare.
Children’s Lives Spared After Food Delivery
Desperation took over as the mother and father prepared the last bit of food they had for their children and then did the unthinkable.
Darkness is Powerful Reminder to Missionary
Last night at sunset, the electricity in our neighborhood flickered off. I stalled my dinner prep in hopes that the lights would return quickly, but in the end we enjoyed a candlelit meal and reminisced about our early days on the mission field, when the electricity didn’t go out for hours at a time, but more like days and weeks.
Chitwood: IMB’s Biblical Diversity
“The diversity discussion at the IMB will continue because the Word of God is clear. We need churches who reflect the people of this world,”
IMB Offers Online Tool: Knowing the IMB
The International Mission Board (IMB) has introduced a new interactive tool, “Knowing the IMB,” that enables Southern Baptists, in less than an hour, to discover what’s unique about the IMB and what churches can accomplish together.
Northern African Woman Hears God’s Call
Today, Sarah and Ray continually pray for Aziya and her family — for her daughter and her older sister who are growing in faith, and for her other siblings who are far from believing.
Southern Baptists Prepare to Send 33 Missionaries
On Feb. 3, the International Mission Board celebrated the appointment of 33 missionaries who will be sent to the nations in a virtual Sending Celebration streamed on,
Born in Darkness, Live in Light
I was born into darkness. The interesting thing is that I did not really know it was dark. I don’t think you can comprehend the difference between darkness and light until you have truly seen light. Thankfully, my life story does not end in darkness, but it did start there.
IMB Personnel Give Over $800,000 to LMCO
“Our IMB missionaries around the world and our stateside support staff wanted to lead by example as we asked Southern Baptists to give more generously than ever before to get the Gospel to the nations. And I’m proud to say that is happening!”
Gospel Ministry Continues in Kenya
When Patrick finally chose to leave the streets of Kenya for a life in the Navaisha Children’s Shelter, he discovered a love he had not known before. Watch and listen as IMB missionary Kristen Lowry tells his story.
IMB to Host Virtual Sending Celebration
The International Mission Board (IMB) will celebrate the appointment of 79 new missionaries from 21 states with a virtual Sending Celebration, November 18, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. EST. IMB trustees previously approved the missionaries for appointment.
IMB Future of Missions Registrations Top 5,200
Participants from 48 states and 30 countries connected with International Mission Board (IMB) leaders, missionaries, and a panel of experts on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, to address the global, cultural, and spiritual realities that are impacting the future of missions.