The Place We Become Family
By Colleen Smith I want to take a moment to invite you to my table. This isn’t just any table.
Shepherding God’s Sheep After COVID-19
By Kevin Smith Pastoring a church in a post-COVID-19 world will require some adaptation, some creativity, and some intentionality, as
6 Positive Aspects of COVID-19
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COVID-19 Challenges for Families with Special Needs
By Sharon Mager Recently, we asked Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware Associate Executive Director Tom Stolle how the COVID-19 pandemic is
Listen to Wise Advice
Listen to Wise Advice By Rev. Kevin Freeman In late June of 1950, the Korean War began when the North
Why “Good” Friday?
By Randy Millwood Have you ever wondered, “Why would you call a day set aside to commemorate the horrible and
Easter Week Changed It All
By Mark Dooley In 2008, presidential candidate Barak Obama won the highest office in the land using the slogan “change
Celebrating Easter During COVID-19
Make Easter Worship Special During COVID-19: Ideas your church can use during Holy Week By Kevin Freeman Churches across the
Life Lessons on Faith
By David Sandvick We are living in uncertain times. The coronavirus has set the world on edge and taken or
FIRST PERSON: Communicating with your valentine
FIRST PERSON: Communicating with your valentine By John Yeats JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (BP) — The longevity of a relationship is
Ready for the “roaring ’20s?”
Ready for the “roaring ’20s?” By Robert Wilson Welcome back to the roaring ’20s! it has taken us 100 years
Crying out to God 
By Gary Glanville Years ago, I heard Dr. Charles Stanley preach on prayer. He shared how he prayed always on