There’s No Going Back
I remember brainstorming back in early May with my youth ministry team about what to do for our high school graduates. How could we best approximate what we normally did for our grads?
Lonely, Broken Heart
By Adron Dozat I think the first time it happened was in kindergarten. My special needs son came home from
Responding to rising COVID-19-related abuse threats
What the Church Can Do When Stay-at-Home Orders Increase the Threat of Domestic Abuse  By Eliza Huie “Out of the
Guard Yourself Against Dulled Spirituality
A self-serving lifestyle dulls the spiritual senses By Kevin Freeman Read Judges 16:15-21 Key: A self-serving lifestyle dulls the spiritual
Respond, No Matter What
When unlikely people step out for God amid overwhelming odds, something much more discernible than a Magic Eye image appears. The high definition image of His glory practically jumps out for all to see.
Whatever Tool it Takes
By Kevin Freeman Read Judges 3:30 Key: Any tool can be effective when wielded for God Courage in the Lives
Destroy Pride Before It Destroys You
By Kevin Freeman Read: 2 Kings 20:12-21 Key: Destroy pride before it destroys you. Courage in the Life of Hezekiah
Chain of Command
By Kevin Freeman Read 2 2 Kings 9:9-19 Serve those below you. Bring your needs to those above you. Chain
An African-American Mother’s Broken Heart
By Melody T. Knox “Racism isn’t a bad habit. It isn’t a mistake. It is SIN. The answer is not
Perhaps You are Conflicted, Perplexed, or Angry
By Pastor Victor Kirk “Yes indeed, it is good when you obey the royal law as found in the Scriptures:
A Time to Grieve
Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware Executive Director Kevin Smith, as a panelist on, “The Post Pandemic Church,” a Facebook presentation by
Courage for Crisis: Words Matter
By Kevin Freeman Read 2 Chronicles 32:1-8  “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my