3 SBC Leaders Reflect on 9/11
As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, three Southern Baptists leaders who held significant leadership roles on Sept. 11,
Letters From Camp: Grace McGraw
Editor’s note: We asked several students from Maryland/Delaware churches to share their experiences from Crossings Camp at Skycroft Conference Center (SCC)
Helpful Hints for July 4 Worship Services
By Scott Shepherd FRANKLIN, Tenn. (BP) — Independence Day is this weekend, and this year’s patriotic holiday is unique: for
Living in a World With Only Two Religions
By Dr. Harold Phillips In the world today, the question of different religions can be very complicated. Even among those
Replanting or revitalization
Decades ago, Dr. Bob Dale imaged the life cycle of a local church with a bell curve. Many have done so since. And, while the specific stages vary, the paths all look similar. 
Growing Godly Generations
Each year, churches spend the last few weeks of the year celebrating the birth of Christ, then early in the year read chapters of the Gospels.  While we all love the nativity narratives and surrounding events, one item not to lose sight of in Matthew and Luke is the long list of names. These Gospel writers offer genealogical records that are inspiring and applicable for the church today. Genealogies remind us the value of people and the vision God has for transferring faith from one generation to the next. 
Cooperative Program: We Can Do More Together
I believe that the Cooperative Program (CP) is the single most effective method for missions giving.
The Cooperative Program: A Missions Impact Multiplier
As a steward of your church’s finances and missions giving, I know that your strongest desire is to assure that your church’s giving makes the most impact in the Kingdom of Heaven. Giving to missions is a kind of investment in the Kingdom of Heaven, after all.
Gen Z is on the Rise
No doubt you have heard the buzz: Generation Z is on the rise. As a Generation X native, I have found relating to this tech-savvy, funny, socially active, globally-aware generation provides an exhilarating experience and a very tangible challenge.
I do not say these things to condemn individuals who are guilty of unwise speech towards individuals and families affected by disabilities. Rather, I want to make you aware of the harm that words and phrases like the ones above can cause. For, we are called to love one another (John 15:12).
Reflecting on the journey to Golgotha
By Gary Glanville As Jesus approached His final week as a mortal man while being the Son of God on
Equality Act: “Consequences for our Consideration”
Smith urges Christians to take these actions: “Pray for lawmakers, that God (in common grace) would lead them to legislate in ways that would not assault the image of God in humanity and lead them to uphold generally-accepted biological scientific research”