Disability, race, and poverty: Is there a connection?
By Tom Stolle Imagine this family: A child with nonverbal autism and other associated disabilities. The child begins violently assaulting
Gay Girl Good God: Jackie Hill Perry Interview
Jackie Hill Perry, a hip-hop artist and poet and now author, from St. Louis, recently opened her heart, sharing some
FATHER’S DAY: Advice from Dad
By Lee Clamp COLUMBIA, S.C. (BP) — “I already know, Dad.” I had my doubts over the confidence that my
FATHER’S DAY: Rise up, O men of God
By Jim Richards GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP) — This Father’s Day is a little more special. Our son is now a
Pastor-To-Pastor: Rick Hancock
Taking the Gospel to the World Again Let’s dance! Pastors, you and I have been to enough wedding receptions to
Perspective: Kevin Smith
ENCOURAGING MINISTERS Our Church Services staff provides service to our 500+ churches in three broad areas: • Pastoral Support, •
Perspective: Michael Trammell
KEEP PREACHING EASTER Dear pastor friend, I know you have just preached the resurrection of Christ in your pulpit. That
Perspective | Dr. Kevin Smith: Strengthening the Churches
“He [Paul] traveled through Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the churches … Not to mention other things, there is the daily
Dr. Michael Trammell | Pastor-to-Pastor: Celebrating the Preeminence of Christ
In Colossians 1, the Apostle Paul writes to the Church of Colossae about how Jesus is “the image of the
Perspective: Dr. Kevin Smith
Perspective | Dr. Kevin Smith “Teacher, which command in the law is the greatest?” He [Jesus] said to him, “Love
Perspective: Dr. Michael Trammell – Pastor-to-Pastor
Why I believe in Expository Preaching Jeff Campbell, assistant professor of preaching and dean of students at Criswell College, wrote
Perspective: Dr. Michael Trammell – Pastor To Pastor
ADDING LIFE TO YOUR FUNERALS One thing that I feel we don’t do enough is celebrate homegoings. All of us