#30: Leading Multigenerational Churches
Age diversity can prove to be challenging in ministry contexts. Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Dr. Curtis Hill of Ogletown Baptist Church on pastoring people of different ages. Dr. Hill will be joining us for our upcoming Teaching Roundtable in May to talk about effectively leading multigenerational churches.
#29: The Christian Witness to Gen Z
Since Christ's command in Matthew 28, every generation of believers has stood on the foundation laid by faithful believers before them. This generation is no different. So, how will we minister to the next generation? Listen in as Dr. Kevin Smith speaks with Randall Breland and Seth York about the challenges and opportunities involved with ministering to Gen Z.
Persian Pastors Grow in Teaching
How can a persecuted believer trust again after being betrayed by those closest to him? How can a person rightly understand suffering when his culture is awash in prosperity gospel teaching? How can a pastor carry the weight of leading when he doesn’t know how to study Scripture?
#11: Preaching and Evangelism with Dr. Merritt
Recently, we had Dr. James Merritt on the podcast to discuss the importance of preaching and evangelism in our churches and communities. Listen in for some practical and compelling truth with regard to living out the Great Commission.
COVID-19 Church Planting Challenges
By Sharon Mager COLUMBIA, Md.  — The recent COVID-19 quarantine impacted church plants both positively and negatively and the churches
Reopening Churches and Senior Adults
As states reopen, church leaders consider senior adults’ needs by Tess Schoonhoven NASHVILLE (BP) — As churches prepare to transition
Misconceptions About Multigenerational Churches
By Pastor Matt McMillan Ecclesiologists note that we currently have around three to five generations attending the church simultaneously for