Preach Expositionally While Addressing Cultural Needs
The incarnation is the model for highly effective preaching. We bring forth the Word revealed in Scripture and meet men “halfway” to show that whichever “objects they fixed their sense(s)” are realized only in God through Christ.
Maryland/Delaware Roundup, Jan. 20, 2022
BCM/D churches reach their communities through the Delaware Racing Ministry and health fairs, observe the sanctity of life, and see fruit from Christmas outreaches. In addition, the popular Ministers’ Tax Seminar is just around the corner.
George Liele Church Planting, Evangelism, & Missions Sunday
The International Mission Board (IMB) has announced the availability of stories, videos, and promotional resources for George Liele Church Planting,
Called to GO? IMB Wants to Send!
For those wondering if the International Mission Board has a place for them to serve into the Revelation 7:9 vision, the answer is probably yes! If an individual is Southern Baptist and aligned theologically with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, the IMB wants to help them discover how they can advance the kingdom.
Number Your Days for Wisdom
As we make our plans for the next twelve months, it is wise to take time to evaluate the driving forces behind our priorities and decisions.
Top IMB Story Staff Picks for 2021
The Global Communications Team at IMB is responsible for creating the graphics, photos, videos, and stories you see on IMB’s website and beyond. We hope you enjoy looking through some of our favorite content from this year.
You Are Not Alone
When the Son of God came to earth two thousand years ago, He was fully God, but He was also fully human. With this reality came all the experiences of what it means to be human—the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Advent 2021: Love
The event that triggered this time of festive activity was ultimately one of sacrifice.
Believers Partner for Christmas Outreach
This Christmas season, believers from Southeast Asia and the United States are partnering to share the gospel with thousands of people in Thailand through the simple gift of a handmade stocking stuffed with a Bible story booklet.
How Maryland/Delaware Churches Can Help Tornado Victims
Dooley addresses the questions many Maryland/Delaware churches have asked regarding helping the victims of recent tornadoes, especially during this Christmas season.
Maryland/Delaware Roundup Dec. 16, 2021
BCM/D churches are connecting with their communities through various Christmas events and outreaches.
Advent 2021: Joy
We wait with the certainty that our joy will one day be complete.