Letter to the Editor: ‘Beating Hearts for the Sake of Life!’
Editor’s Note: January 21, 2018, is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. By Brian Shoemaker “…you shall not corrupt children; you shall not be sexually immoral…you shall not abort a child or commit infanticide…” – “The Second Commandment of the Way of Life,”  The Didache,  first century book of church discipline “Let the beauty you love be what you […]
Letter to pastors, leaders and friends
It is with both pleasure and sadness that I inform you of my resignation from the Delaware Association as Ministry Evangelism Director effective Feb. 27, 2009. It is with pleasure that I announce this because the reason for my resignation is that God is calling us to move to Haiti to work with orphaned children, something […]
Letter to the Editor: Remembering Bruce Revel
I first became friends with Bruce Revel when he was pastoring First Church in Cambridge, Md., and I was pastoring the South End Church in Frederick, Md. Even then I could sense his passion for missions and his love for our Lord and and this convention. When he was called to the Eastern Association as […]
Letter to the Editor: Our right to vote
Voting is not only a right, it is a responsibility. The right to vote is the very foundation of democracy. Our history is rife with the struggles for each segment of society to be included in that right. The United States Constitution does not specifically provide citizens with the right to vote. Each state had […]