Adron Dozat Found a Dawn of Hope
By Sharon Mager Adron Dozat is an author, poet, and painter, in addition to serving in the vital roles of
Leaders Call for a United SBC
by Tess Schoonhoven NASHVILLE (BP) — Calling the racial unrest roiling the nation “spiritual warfare,” and saying “unless hearts change,
Chain of Command
By Kevin Freeman Read 2 2 Kings 9:9-19 Serve those below you. Bring your needs to those above you. Chain
COVID-19 Church Planting Challenges
By Sharon Mager COLUMBIA, Md.  — The recent COVID-19 quarantine impacted church plants both positively and negatively and the churches
An African-American Mother’s Broken Heart
By Melody T. Knox “Racism isn’t a bad habit. It isn’t a mistake. It is SIN. The answer is not
Blessing Kenyans During the Pandemic
By Kevin Smith This is been an interesting spring. The year began with much anticipation about our missions partnership with
Skycroft: Updates and Current Opportunities
By Emily Reedy While our team eagerly awaits the day we can host groups again, the work we’ve been able
Energize youth ministry during COVID-19 and beyond
Every year, youth group calendars are packed out with exciting activities that provide teenagers with a safe way to have
Perhaps You are Conflicted, Perplexed, or Angry
By Pastor Victor Kirk “Yes indeed, it is good when you obey the royal law as found in the Scriptures:
Endure Every Situation
By Kevin Freeman Read Genesis 39:20-23, 40:12-15, 21-23 Key: Endure every situation Courage in the Life of Joseph Poon Lim
#9: Pastoral Reflections on Longevity, Relational I.Q., and Unity
Listen in as Dr. Smith and Pastor John Jenkins of FBC Glenarden discuss cultural engagement, Paul/Timothy Relationships, and unity in the Kingdom of God.
Dr. Kevin Smith — A Statement on Injustice
As Christians, let this be a moment when your voice might sound different from other voices in the conversation. However you seek to address the injustice all around us – make sure you address it seeking to be salt and light under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.