Congratulations to Maryland/Delaware Seminary Graduates
Unable to proceed with traditional in-person commencement exercises, Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in Louisville, Kentucky, encouraged graduates online.
#11: Preaching and Evangelism with Dr. Merritt
Recently, we had Dr. James Merritt on the podcast to discuss the importance of preaching and evangelism in our churches and communities. Listen in for some practical and compelling truth with regard to living out the Great Commission.
Reaching Gen Z through COVID-19
By Sharon Mager Trying to reach that young ‘Millennial Generation’? Here’s something to keep in mind – they’re not that
Flee Sexual Sin
On April 15, 1912, at 2:20 a.m., the RMS Titanic, with most of her 2,200 passengers and crew aboard, sank in the frigid North Atlantic waters about 400 miles south of Newfoundland.  Only 705 people survived.
Strong CP Giving in 2020
Furthermore, our giving shows a decrease of 2.92 percent after the first nine months of this fiscal year versus a year ago, but our actual giving to date is only 1.47 percent below our projected budget for the first nine months of our fiscal year.
Destroy Pride Before It Destroys You
By Kevin Freeman Read: 2 Kings 20:12-21 Key: Destroy pride before it destroys you. Courage in the Life of Hezekiah
#10: Injustice, Culture, and History
Dr. Kevin Smith recently spoke with Dr. Anthony Bradley, professor at The King's College in New York City, about racial injustice, and the historical context of some of the current events happening around our country. 
Adron Dozat Found a Dawn of Hope
By Sharon Mager Adron Dozat is an author, poet, and painter, in addition to serving in the vital roles of
Leaders Call for a United SBC
by Tess Schoonhoven NASHVILLE (BP) — Calling the racial unrest roiling the nation “spiritual warfare,” and saying “unless hearts change,
Chain of Command
By Kevin Freeman Read 2 2 Kings 9:9-19 Serve those below you. Bring your needs to those above you. Chain
COVID-19 Church Planting Challenges
By Sharon Mager COLUMBIA, Md.  — The recent COVID-19 quarantine impacted church plants both positively and negatively and the churches
An African-American Mother’s Broken Heart
By Melody T. Knox “Racism isn’t a bad habit. It isn’t a mistake. It is SIN. The answer is not