S.D. Abraham works with the BCM/D to help churches understand Muslims, in an effort to reach them for Jesus.

Abraham has been seeking to build a support system for Muslim-to-Christian converts.

It was while trying to convert non-Muslims that Abraham discovered truth. In an effort to convert non-Muslims, he read the Bible to understand Christianity. That’s when his life changed. He became a believer in 1991. Later, as a refugee in Europe, God used him to minister to Muslim refugees, and he taught Bible studies to Christian and Muslim-born Arabs.

Later, Abraham became a Webmaster for www.answering-islam.org, where he writes articles and interacts with curious Muslims and those being drawn to Jesus. It’s a huge opportunity.

Years ago, Abraham said, it was much harder to get the Word out. They used short-wave radios. Now, you can’t stop it, he said. In 2004, he became the Islamic Ministries Specialist with Avant Ministries, through which he speaks at seminars, recruiting and training missionaries and other Christians how to minister to Muslims.

Abraham is available to work with churches to help them understand Islam, and as they prayerfully consider how to interact and minister to their Muslim neighbors.