This Convention will elect a General Mission Board to be known as the General Mission Board, none of whose members will be employees of said Board. Fifty-one percent will be a quorum for business.

The Rules of Order for the meetings of the General Mission Board will be those in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

The General Mission Board will be composed of three members from the geographic area of each association. For each 5,000 resident members or major fraction thereof, one additional Board member will be chosen, up to but not to exceed a total of ten Board members from any association. The President of this Convention, the President of the Brotherhood, the President of the Woman’s Missionary Union and the Maryland member of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee will serve as at-large members of the Board. Board members selected by virtue of their Convention offices, will not be used in determining the number of members from an association or local church.

The term of the office of the members will be four years with, as nearly as possible, the terms of one- fourth of the members expiring each year. Any member serving for a full term or three years of an unexpired term will not be eligible for reelection until one year has expired.

Membership on the Board will cease when the member dies, moves membership from a church within the Convention, or the member’s church ceases to be in cooperating fellowship with this Convention. In the event a member moves from a church in one association to another within this Convention, or the member’s church changes from one association to another within this Convention, the member will be eligible to serve until a successor is elected at the next Annual Meeting. Membership on the Board will automatically be terminated when a member is absent for two consecutive meetings of the Board without notification submitted to the Board President or the Executive Director. The member will be notified of such termination.

The members of the General Mission Board will be elected by this Convention, after receiving nominations from the committee selected by this Convention for this purpose, and after giving opportunity for nominations from the floor of this Convention.

The work of this Convention, except as otherwise specified, will be committed to the General Mission Board described as follows: The General Mission Board of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware will act for this Convention ad interim promoting all the interests of the Kingdom, such as evangelism, missions, education, benevolence, social welfare, and public morals, and so on. The General Mission Board will not have authority to control the agencies and institutions of this Convention, but it will maintain general care and responsibility for the work of same. It is instructed to study annually their reports, to interpret and apply the rules of the constitution and the business and financial policy of this Convention as items may apply to any of the agencies of this Convention, to make recommendations directly to agencies and also to make whatever recommendations to this Convention concerning them it may deem advisable.

Current Officers of the General Mission Board:

Dr. Curtis Hill, senior pastor of Ogletown Baptist Church, Newark, Del.

Vice President:
Rev. Glenn Swanson, senior pastor of Bayside Baptist Church, Chesapeake Beach, Md.

Acting Recording Secretary: 
Mrs. Iris White, Executive and Finance Office Coordinator, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, Columbia, Md.

Assistant Recording Secretary:
Rev. Tom Stolle, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, Columbia, Md.



  1. Tim Byer
  2. Bill Jones
  3. Matt Stewart


  1. Joel Kurz
  2. John Lee
  3. Kurt Wesolowski

Blue Ridge

  1. Frank Duncan
  2. Dan Housam
  3. Bob Gerstmyer


  1. John Schoff
  2. Curtis Hill
  3. Mark Lashey


  1. Randall Blackmon
  2. Bruce Glisson
  3. Daryl McCready


  1. Alan Latham
  2. Van-Kim Bui Lin
  3. Lance Metcalf


  1. Helen Corrothers
  2. Tim Simpson
  3. Brian Tubbs


  1. Ron Curry
  2. Glenn Swanson
  3. Derek Yelton

Prince George’s

  1. Brent Brewer
  2. Winfred Harris
  3. Victor Kirk


  1. John Manry
  2. Craig Mele
  3. Harold Phillips


  1. Keith Aguila
  2. Mark Lintz
  3. Jeri Williams

Ex-Officio Members

  1. Michael Trammell, BCM/D President
  2. Rick Hancock, BCM/D 1st Vice President
  3. Thomas Winborn, BCM/D 2nd Vice President


  1. Champ Thornton, Ministers’ Conference President
  2. Michael Trammell, At-Large Past BCM/D President
  3. David Hall, SBC Executive Committee Member, Maryland/Delaware
  4. Barbara Matney, WMU President, Maryland/Delaware