The Administrative Committee meets at times specified by the General Mission Board and, if extra meetings are necessary, at time specified by the Executive Director and the chairperson of the Administrative Committee. The Administrative Committee will be comprised of the following:

  • The Chairperson
  • The President of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware,
  • The President of the General Mission Board,
  • The past BCM/D President (one year), and
  • One member from the geographic region of each Association.
  • The Executive Director will serve as an ex-officio member.

Current Members

Board Officers – President – Curtis Hill
BCM/D Officer – President – Michael Trammell
Administrative Chair – Harold Phillips

Arundel – Bill Jones
Baltimore – John Lee
Blue Ridge – Dan Housam
Delaware – Curtis Hill
Eastern – Randall Blackmon
Mid–Maryland – Lance Metcalf
Montgomery – Tim Simpson
Potomac – Glenn Swanson
Prince George’s – Victor Kirk
Susquehanna – Harold Phillips
Western – Jeri Williams

Executive Director – Kevin Smith
CFO/COO – Tom Stolle