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Being witnesses “in Samaria” takes us to people and places we once avoided. Christ’s love now compels us to join Him in seeking the lost. Going into Samaria calls for conviction, courage, and crucifixion of old outlooks. It takes nothing short of God’s own grace.

  • COLLECT current information about people who seem to live on the margins of mainstream society.
  • PLAN five ways to bless a group that your church has rarely served before.
  • ORGANIZE on-site visits to places that deal continually with hardship. See what solutions are in process. See what is missing.
  • LEARN about project needs that your church can do together. Look for details soon on training and preparation support to be offered.
  • NETWORK with other Christians and agencies serving your Samaria.

Servant Evangelism -  is a component of Ministry Evangelism which centers around a one time touch or project that focuses on meeting the immediate need of those facing hardships.

Your evangelism team is here to help provide you and your churches with outreach ideas and resources to help you get started in meeting the immediate needs of those that God has placed in your communities.