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Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses…in all Judea…” so a church acting on faith can become a regional-impact church, no matter what its size. Looking at all Judea means getting well acquainted with your immediate area to identify places your church can extend its witness.
  1. ENLIST and TRAIN a Person or Team to lead your church’s Judea Witness.
  2. FIND faith-allies who will work with your church in prayer and area-wide planning: to promote evangelism, prayer walks, and church planting in your Judea.
  3. MAP neighborhoods throughout your Judea, then pinpoint church locations. Determine where church members are already in position to minister to new audiences, or reach out in new ways. Where on this map do you see no new disciples being made?

Servant Evangelism -  is a component of Ministry Evangelism which centers around a one time touch or project that focuses on meeting the immediate need of those facing hardships.

Your evangelism team is here to help provide you and your churches with outreach ideas and resources to help you get started in meeting the immediate needs of those that God has placed in your communities.