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Worldwide witness starts right where you are. Community trends around the church deserve notice. It’s a great idea to track where active church members typically spend their time between Monday and Saturday. Where do we work? What groups do we belong to? What interests do we share with people in our Jerusalem?

  1. ENLIST and TRAIN a person or team to lead your church into “Jerusalem Witness.”
  2.  INVOLVE your total church leadership in gaining deep community awareness.
  3. REQUEST research and training assistance through your association or Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.
  4. LEAD ministries in your church to organize a series of outreach activities in your community.

Servant Evangelism -  is a component of Ministry Evangelism which centers around a one time touch or project that focuses on meeting the immediate need of those facing hardships.

Your evangelism team is here to help provide you and your churches with outreach ideas and resources to help you get started in meeting the immediate needs of those that God has placed in your communities.