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Year Around Opportunities: CHOSEN TFC

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Year Around Opportunities: CHOSEN TFC

CHOSEN (which stands for Children of Special and Exceptional Need) provides treatment foster homes for children from birth through age 21. CHOSEN kids need more than the basic care and nurturing provided in traditional foster care. Often they have suffered abuse and neglect, and their time in CHOSEN lets them escape further abuse.

CHOSEN treatment homes provide the treatment, security, stability, and positive discipline needed to make the difference in the lives of troubled children. It is our goal to help these children learn to resolve problems and formulate new healthy behaviors.

CHOSEN parents take on the challenge of working with youth who have been abandoned, abused, and neglected. They possess a willingness to explore the challenges of parenting troubled youth.

Volunteer Opportunities for CHOSEN

  • Promotional help
  • Placing posters in targeted communities
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Transporting a client to an appointment
  • Record Keeper
  • Filing and keeping up of all CHOSEN records as needed (parent and children’s records)

If you are interested in volunteering, we have many opportunities for you! To learn more about volunteering, please click here to drop a note to Cindy Yost, or call her at (800) 621-8834, extension 120. 

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